For every project that is to be successfully consummated, various aspects should be taken into account. Generally, all projects come with advantages and disadvantages and it is advisable to apply techniques that are advantageous to the company carrying out the project. Having in mind the several problems that are likely to be encountered in constructing this canal, we recommend the following actions to be done. Firstly, it is recommendable that, a locks canal should be built. Considering the obstacles that will be faced, this type of canal is highly recommended

Since it known that temperatures in Panama falls noticeably during wet seasons, and they are associated with diseases like pneumonia among others, we should be alert and armed with medicines and be putting on clothing’s  as this will withstand the cold and the laborers will not be affected in any  activity hence save time to  meet the deadline. If this is assumed and not taken into account, it may result to epidemic disease which may cost much and delaying the project.

Human bodies are known to be adaptive and they by time adapt to the new environment one is but this takes sometime before they completely adapt. Therefore, during the canal construction, environment will be changing as the work progress and therefore the probability to bump into new spices of animals and plants is high. For this reason, it is recommended that the company import a steam shovel machine since these machines will help in making the paths and this way there will be safety. On the other hand, machines help making work easier and if the task was to be handled by man, it will consume a lot of time and therefore this reason make it possible for the machine to suit well.

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It is for the benefit of one country to construct the canal on its own since if there come a second party, decision making will be delayed and this will delay the project as well hence a lot of time will be wasted. It is not bad to corroborate with other countries as they will provide labor force but the demerits of deciding is outweighed by the issues of deciding as well as dividing the canal. On the other hand, conflict may develop and hence lack of respect to both parties and sometime there may emerge war hence delaying the construction and even loss of life. Therefore, to avoid all this it’s better to handle the construction as individuals but not as parties since canal building is not a big project that needs partnership.

It is good to corroborate but to some extent, this have both merits and demerits of a certain kind. For intake, one country may be contributing much than the other and expect to receive equal dues. In this case, one country may be acting like a sponger of which there would be no different of a country working as an individual. In such cases, a country may withdraw from the project when it still under construction and this burden will be immense to a single country hence corrupting the budget that was kept aside. This may lead to bankrupt of the other party and may take a long time to complete the project of which the project can even stuck if they lack another country to partner with.

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