This is the ongoing clash between the Israelis and the Palestine. The introduction of the Jews, by the Europeans in the 19th century in the region, is considered the ultimate cause of all the feuds in the region. These Jews call themselves Israelis while the original inhabitants of the place call themselves Palestinians. The Israelis believe that the land, Israel, is theirs. The Palestinians, on the other hand, believe that the land, called Palestine, is theirs. The names, Palestine and Israel, refer to the same piece of land. This is the reason behind the conflict. The two groups have been fighting for the same piece of land with different titles (Rabia & Salim, 2009).

However, there are some hopes that the conflict may end in the near future due to the following reasons. Media has played a crucial role in lowering the possibilities of war continuation between the two groups. It has encouraged international support from other countries that have stepped in to help solve the problem causing the war. Among the nations that have responded to the call by the media to save Israelites and Palestinians is the United States. This has prevented the cycling of propaganda that accelerates war.

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One of the factors that cause the conflict today is political difference and parliamentary fragmentation (Rabia & Salim, 2009). There are two parties in the Palestinian political system, that is, the Fatah and the Hamas parties. Fatah is associated with evils such as corruption and is currently the opposition party after the defeat by the Hamas party in the 2006 general election. There have been trial movements to bring these two parties together in order to establish a foundation for the solution of the problem (Rabia & Salim, 2009).

Currently, the situation is not as pathetic as before. Besides the above, there has been understanding among the Israelis and Palestinians at lower levels and institutions. An example has been found in the health institutions where discrimination or questioning of patients about their religion and the origin no longer exists. There has also been understanding among the Palestinians and Israelis living in other nations like the US. Recent research has proven that the Palestinians and Israelis leaving in the United States understand one another and behave like blood brothers. The two will be friends even after returning to their country (Rabia & Salim, 2009).

The above evidences can be analyzed to come into a conclusion that there is hope that the Palestine-Israeli conflict might end soon. They are enough indicators of the future peace and tranquility among the Palestinians ant Israelis. 

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