What was London like before the Romans came?

The society was organized into tribes and each had their own monarch. Most of their income came from the arable land and from keeping of livestock and growing cereals. They used barter in order to get goods they did not have.

What did the Romans mean by civilization?

It meant that they wanted to bring literacy and economic development to the people of Britain. Also it meant classical cities, agglomerate industry and religious activities. They wanted to bring art and culture through the tremendous architecture.

What were the main imports and exports of Roman London?

 The main exports were gold, silver, cereals, iron, wool and hunting dogs, they got glass and jewellery from Rome.

What happened to London when the Romans left?

London split into the east and west.

How was Lundenwic different from Londinium?

Lundenwic was a trading post, and Londinium was established by Romans as a cultural center. Lundenwic also acted as a port and as a network of other trading facilities.

How did the Vikings affect London?

How was the trade and commerce in Roman London?

At first a large number of goods were imported into Britain and as British demands grew this number increased. Goods such as tin, cooper, corn, oysters and Birrus Britannica were demanded.  The local craftsmen also developed new skills such as working with stone, brick and marble. They also took slaves living outside Roman frontiers.

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How did foreign conquest [by the Danes, by the Normans] change life in London?

These conquests removed the native ruling class and replaced it with foreign French speaking. These conquests linked the country into continental Europe, weakened Scandinavian influence and set off a rivalry between France and Britain.

Who were the major non-English communities in medieval London? What roles did they play in the community? 

In medieval London each community had its own role to play. The Jews were among the first non-English communities and they fought greatly for their rights.

What roles did the church play in medieval London?

The church did not have any central gods since Romans appeared. The community was polytheistic. This led to the clash between the Druids and the Roman Celts that led to the intolerance of the Roman Empire. Roman-Celtic cults were a result of many native gods that came to be adored in Roman style. The Druids were simple people and the Romans did not want to fight with them as it might have turned into a rebellion. The members of the clergy interfered in money making activities but also played their role as caretakers of the community.

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