This paper highlights the characteristics of my grandparents and parents’ environment. It is also going to present the peculiarities of the current environment and its difference with the former one.  This paper is going to look into the amount of natural and synthetic resources.  The role of my gender and family in relation to the value of the environment is another issue of this paper.  Lastly, it highlights the differences that exist between the past and current generation related to the environment and the desired environment in the future.

Grandparents, Parents, and My Era

In the nineteenth century the Americans of European origins continued to define and create their new nation.  They, as colonialists, started the process of creating a New World and changing its landscape, which previously had been shaped by the American Indians. During this era of altering the environment in America by my grandparents, environmental experiences and context changed noticeably. This generation witnessed the continental enlargement of the United States as a result of influx of immigrants to this continent. Immigration of this time brought to America different people from different cultures forming a new cultural environment of mixed races. My era was characterized by innovations and technological advancement.

Grandparent’s Environmental Neutrality

My grandparents lived in a natural environment. During their time most parts of the geographical landscape, air, water, land, and vegetation were not interfered. The increase of human activities later changed the natural status of the environment even though during this time such detrimental human activities on land were not severe due to a low level of population. Vegetation, for example, existed in its natural form with limited control of humans. In my parents’ era the U.S government adopted some laws that protected the environment.

During the early years of the twentieth century America experienced industrialization, a transportation revolution, urbanization, rapid population growth, and the appearance of patterned environmental problems, which included depletion of natural reserves. During my grandparents’ era there was need for land to cater for increased population,   industrial and agricultural expansion. This impacted negatively on the land. Human activities, like mining of coal to sustain the industries, polluted the environment and robbed the land of its natural beauty.

During my parents’ era in the mid nineteenth century wealth and population in the U.S increased and the standard of living also rose. These changes in population and living standards had effects on the environment. Pollution of the environment, for instance, increased due to increase of toxic emissions from the industries.  There was intense increase in degradation and exhaustion of natural resources. Social environment also changed as many people migrated to urban areas where they interacted with urban environment characterized by traffic and human congestion.

My Family’s Contribution to Environmental Transformation

There are a number of activities that my family and I are engaged into that definitely changes the face of our environment. For example, my family has preserved a piece of land which turned into a forest. This is a well thought initiative as trees have positive effect on the environment.  Apart from controlling soil erosion, trees are also known for their role in air purification. This effort is geared towards restoring the lost value of our natural environment.

Ethnic and Class Heritage or Gender Role

It was noticed in the past and current generation that ethnic and class heritage had a huge influence on genders and their attitude towards the environment. The females majorly concentrated on the domestic chores, such as cleaning of homes or cooking, while the males were concerned with safety and ownership of the land. Concerning the value of the environment, grandparents and parent’s generations registered a low rate of environmental degradation due to low population as opposed to my generation.

Relationship between Grandparents’ and Parents’ Environment, and Mine and the Future

There is a high rate of environmental degradation in the current generation due to population pressure and human activities which are different to those that existed during my grandparents’ era. In order to have a beautiful unpolluted environment the government should enforce strict laws to regulate environmental degradation caused by industries and human activities. The present and future generations desire a non-polluted environment, therefore, to achieve this Americans must change their detrimental ways of interacting with it.

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