The Holocaust Memorial can be classified as one of the best depictions of any historical event considering the emotional power that is given to the still images on the site. As we walked past the images of the park that is located along 1933-1945 meridian avenues, it is easy to notice that a striking balance between intrigue and an educating factor has been achieved thanks to the great works of Kenneth Treister. A hand points into the sky with 130 human figures on the sides thought to be calling for remembrance of atrocities committed against the victims. At the entrance one sees a mother figure trying to protect her kids and later abandoned paths with children calling for assistance.

Visiting the park is one major step towards knowledge of the subject since it is clear that no school books can serve the same purpose as scenes at the park. Apart from sculptures depicting painful events on their faces, the park is also full of messages written on walls that deeply discuss this historical massacre. Despite parking space remaining a problem, once inside, one is bound to go on a photographic spree and be part of the amazing body language with the various figures seemingly enduring the horrific deeds, and information embedded on the walls

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In reality, the holocaust was an organized and state-facilitated killing of about 6 million Jews during the Second World War. These murders were carried out by the Nazis on nine million Jews occupying 21 European countries. It means that 2 out of 3 Jews were killed including a total of 1.5 million children, gypsies and the physically handicapped. These violations of human rights were so rife that industries for murder were established. They included Auschwitz gas chambers, the Sobibor and Treblikar. Each factory competed with the other for increase in killings and Zyklon B was recognized as the most effective gas for the job (Bergen, 2003).

In conclusion, all the atrocities have been captured in a detailed perspective in pictorial effects not forgetting a meditation garden on the sides and individual and family names of all those who were victims to this inhuman act designed by Adolf Hitler. Visiting the park for a memorable experience is absolutely free apart from some donation at will made at strategically located booths.

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