Feudalism, which was a form of political organization within a nation where the ruler or Lord, wielded major powers over majority of people. This was the case in South Africa where those who came into leadership developed a feudal character, which in turn plunged the continent in a series of dictatorial leadership. In developing a feudal character, the lords made themselves like mini-gods where the people swore to them while being given land (Anderson 78). The rulers exercised full authority over the land where he treated the people as his property. People saw that rules in such a system could offer them protection and so they subjected in doing whatever they wanted.

Economic Structure

The economic structure in Latin America was characterized with a Manorial System in which the relationship existed between the landlord and the peasant. In order to get their daily living people had to depend directly on agriculture. Furthermore, they were only to till the land after being loyal to the landlords (Solimano 2004). This in turn made the landlords more powerful that they begun to entirely depend on the produce from the cultivations made by the serfs. In solely depending on the land, people became slaves of their landlords and they soon begun to mistreat them at their wish.

Social Organization and ideology of colonial times

The period was divided into two, the upper class and the lower class. The upper class maintained full control over the lower classes. The upper form of class was characterized of the lords and kings. The lords, for instance, remained merciless over the peasants and wanted more from their output (Szentes 41). The colonial rulers, on the other hand, did not consider that the local people could rule over themselves and so they set out to control each of their activities. They designed rules and regulations which the people were to follow and failure to do so will amount into treason. As a result, the colonial powers were deeply feared and everything was done according to their command.

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