Robert Wilson Baird took leadership of a newly formed investment firm  in the year 1919.The company has remained consistent with its commitment to putting the interests of the customers first which forms the cornerstone of the company’s business philosophy at all the time. The company is ranked number fourteen companies out of the best one hundred companies. It is situated at Wisconsin Avenue (Baird).

Baird has strong heritage and the company puts in mind the fact that change remains constantly inevitable. This is because the company is often faced by a changing financial landscape that presents to the clients of the company challenges as well as opportunities.

These clients in turn rely on Baird for a continuous support in the information processing as well as enable the clients understand the future changes that are likely to occur.

The clients are convinced that Baird has sound and intelligent professionals who are informed to offer advisory services and also find the solution to their problems. The mission of Baird is to provide the best the best financial services and be the best place to work for the associates of the company (Baird).

The company employs diverse team of men and women who shares experience and insight assists the client to meet their unique needs. This diversity for the client, associates and for the communities keeps the culture and integrity of Baird Company. The commitment to diversity consist of providing opportunity to for everybody who works in the company to develop in their profession as well as personally  without considering the sex, religion, color, nationality or race. These are some of the differences that make each of employees of Baird unique (Baird).

Baird is committed to create a diversified company and this begins with the executive management team of the company. This continues down throughout the whole company. The company also recognizes the effect that a diverse team has to the clients because it realized that the team will enable the clients and associates to be understood well. This enhances the ability of the company to develop creative solutions for the needs of the various clients in order to meet them. The associates of Baird have benefited from the initiatives in work place balance, leadership training, recruitment as well as scholarships. The internship can not be left out alongside mentoring and networking that are offered by the Baird Company. The culture of Baird attracts, retains and develops the best talent .This together with the passion for achieving superior results for the clients and associates of the company are very important for the success of the company (Baird).

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