1. The year is 1918. What is the most important thing your art movement offers the world around you?

The most important thing in the year 1918 was the second Dada manifesto that was written by Tzara in 1917 and was published after one year. Other manifestoes followed later (Dada, pg 3). In the month of February 1918, the first Dada speech was given by Huelsebeck in Berlin and produced the Dada manifesto later in the year.

2. What is the most important source for your subject matter?

The most important source of information of the subject matter is the writings, paintings as well as publication of art (literary journals), passionate coverage of art that were often discussed in a variety of media. One such media is the magazine Cabaret Voltaire. The artist published a series of short political magazines.  The berlin group published periodicals such as club Dada, Der Dada, Every man His own football and Dada Almanach. Baader composed the Dadacon which was the mightiest book of all time larger than the bible. It consisted of thousand of large pages of newsprint and put together as photo montage. It served the purpose of producing dizziness when one thumbs through the book because he believed that it is only one’s head spins that he can understand it.

3. Describe your process in making art. Why is it the best way to make art?

The process of making art involved gathering of garbage which was then used for drawing picture which had political impact to western civilization. At early time, there was no visual Dada art or philosophy of the garbage can. Ordinary people knew nothing about the art called Dada art junk of garbage. One of their products was sculptures that represented the grandeur and decline of Germany on three floors (George Grosz 1920, pg 135).

4. What previous art movements do you admire most?

I admire the paintings that were being drawn like the one which was drawn showing Jesus wearing warriors boot.

5. What kind of art school do you think would best prepare your students for the future?

The kind of art school of Dadaists would be the best to prepare students for the future. This is because it nurtured drawing skills, writing skills and imaginative skills. Students could then earn from the small fee that was being charged during exhibitions.

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