The Great War of the empire is what is popularly referred to as World War 1. This was the war between all the worlds' greatest civilizations and began in the summer of 1914 and ended in 1918 (Wilde, 2001). Apart from death, destruction and a global down turn, this war had a number of effects on the relationship between various countries. The relationship between America and England is somewhat the most notable. Before World War 1, the British and America were not on good terms with each other, especially since both countries had entirely different economic and political systems (Churchill, 1986).

When the Spanish- American war began, the two countries joined forces to defeat Cuba and all other Spanish influences and from that point on became good friends. During World War 1, the US military was sent to France to assist the Allies in the defeat of the Central Powers of Europe (Wilde, 2001). Ever Since, the United states and England have been on the same page in terms of sharing economic policies, systems of government, culture and even both their national language (Strachan, 1998).

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Both the two countries have kept a special relationship through the years following World War 1, which was further cemented by the US-British alliance on the War on Terror. The excellent relationship amongst their leaders was pioneered by Sir Winston Churchill who was the British prime minister and President Franklin Roosevelt, who held fruitful talks on mutual reforms and development in both their countries (Churchill, 1986). The countries to date still share a mutually beneficial alliance on a myriad of levels including trade, commerce, military operations, nuclear activity, political activities and relationships with other countries (Strachan, 1998). Although there have been a number of negative reports regarding the release of incriminating US cables on the United Kingdom, matters still remain calm and cordial although it is indefinite when the good relationship will reach a roadblock.

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