The war of 1812 has a positive significance to the United States as it aided their expansion westward. This war was far from inadvertent basing on the fact that the United States suffered from trade restrictions that was escalated by the British and French war, and the opposition that they received from the Britain with the country’s intention to expand westward. Britain supported the native communities to ensure that the United States did not receive the chance of expand its territories. Another reason that motivated the war was the humiliation that the United States suffered under the Britain in previous wars. For the sake of United States pride, President Madison declared war that saw the country triumph. Much honor should be forwarded to the privates who fought relentlessly despite the harsh conditions presented by the war. As the country marks the 200th anniversary since the war, it is essential that they honor the surviving soldiers such as Peter Font for the role they played in the war.

Peter Font was a private with the American Naval Army and underwent many sea attacks by the Britons. Remarkably, Font had joined the navy a year before the war was declared, and this proves his greenness when it came to war situations as he was fresh from training. Amazingly, he is one of the few surviving soldiers from the war who never gave up because of his loyalty to the country.  Stuart (2009) explains that the war was filled with many surprise attacks from both armies, and this proves Font’s words when he intimates that he never relented despite escaping death at some instances. Font strived to ensure the success of the United States in the war through taking up the roles of his fellow privates who were crippled or killed during the operation. In addition, he volunteered in many instances, to be used as a spy against the enemy camp, which entirely marks his statesmanship. At that time, Font had just wedded, and you can imagine a man that can sacrifice abandoning his family to participate in war for the sake of his country.

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Therefore, many reasons abound as to why such heroes as Peter Font should be honored when marking anniversaries regarding the War in 1812. Firstly, such heroes should be honored because they fought for the country’s reputation.  Stuart (2009) observes that the war was essential for the United States as it had lost its reputation to Britain who had defeated it in other wars. Secondly, the heroes contributed to the country’s current success, which was hampered by the trade restrictions caused by the war that was transpiring between The French and Britons. Thirdly, family life is essential, and considering that heroes such as Font placed their country’s honor before their families’ that provides a reason enough for honoring them during anniversaries regarding the war.

In conclusion, President Madison declared the War in 1812 because of many reasons including the need to reclaim the country’s honor and to enable the United States expand westwards. Heroes such as Peter Font put their life on the line by participating in that war, but because of their love for the nation, they did not quit and fought until the country achieved its targets. To state again, Peter Font was new in the forces when the war was declared, but he went on and proved his prowess by accepting to be used as a spy against the enemy forces, which makes him stand out as a national hero. Thus, it is significant for the country to honor all the heroes that participated in the war because they contributed to the expansion of the country and reclaiming of its honor.

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