A patient advocate is a person who speaks with the health care providers, and their stakeholders on behalf of the patient (Torrey, 2010). The roles of a patient advocate include, talking with health care providers concerning medical requirements on behalf of the patient, negotiating insurance payments, and claiming insurance compensation on behalf of the patient. A patient advocate also takes litigation measures on health care providers (where health care providers’ actions warrant legal actions) on behalf of the patient, arbitrates, and mediates on behalf of the patient in case of occurrence of disputes between him/her with the health care providers (Torrey, 2010).

As a patient advocate, I would advocate for a patient in all areas, which concern his/her, medical wellbeing. This would include educating the patient on how to maintain good health, advise the patient concerning the best medical care for specific medical conditions, ensuring he/she access proper medical care from health care providers, ensure they receive proper care from their family members, and ensure their insurance cover providers and their employers compensate them. I would also provide advocacy in dispute resolutions by ensuring that all disputes arising between them and their health care providers are settled amicably.

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In order to be able to provide proper patient advocacy, I would ensure that I acquire all the relevant information concerning my patient. This would include the medical history of the patient and that of his/her family, current medical problems, the patient’s preferred method of care, patient’s ability to meet medical bills: availability of personal health insurance covers and/or group insurance covers, which are provided by employers. In addition, I would ensure that the patient’s family members are aware of the advocacy provided to one of their members, and find out if they comfortable with all aspects of the advocacy. Armed with this information, I would be in a position to ensure the patient recovers from the illness(s) suffered with much ease.

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