Ben Franklin was born in Boston on 17th January, 1706, and he had several brothers and sisters (Labaree, Willcox and Oberg 1). Franklin’s father, Josiah made candles and soap for many years. On the other hand, Franklin’s mother, Abiah Folger worked as a homemaker for many years. Franklin started working as apprentice at the age of twelve; he worked under his brother James, who worked at a printing press. He worked at the printing press for nine years as a printer. In addition, Franklin was a civic leader, essayist, inventor, scientist, moralist, philosopher, a statesman, and diplomat (Labaree, Willcox and Oberg 1). Indeed, Ben Franklin was influential in American political history.

Contributions to the American Dream/Ideal

Benjamin Franklin’s contribution to the American dream can be analyzed under his fight to attain democracy/liberation. He showed how independence and freedom could be realized, based on his story while working in a printing business. Initially, as a young boy, he experienced many restrictions in pursuing his dream of becoming a seaman. His father had limited resources and could only offer him a few books to read. After sometime, Benjamin’s brother opened up a printer shop in Boston where he joined him. During that period, he could access multiple books that enabled him to gain more knowledge and develop his skills as a printing operator and a writer. His social nature allowed him to get in touch with friends who considerably influenced him regarding the need for freedom and independence. Through this encounter, he experienced a series of problems with his brother due to the lack of conformity to the desired democracy (Labaree, Willcox and Oberg 25). 

Franklin’s main interest in the search of personal freedom could be derived from a family setup. In this case, doing things in a way that could promote the general growth of the family would be necessary. While undertaking most of his roles in the Philadelphian government; Franklin met significant challenges on the search for personal freedom. In this regard, most leaders tended to victimize their followers, which resulted in conflicts and, at times, uprisings (Morgan 45). For instance, most of the business activities conducted within Philadelphia never considered the efforts of employees. In this case, the businesses misused the employees while exhorting them of their funds. This means that the search for freedom was important vital, and it could even lead to relocating from one geographical point to another. It is also essential to establish ways in which individuals in America could embrace integrity to enhance independence. Through this means, all individuals would realize their own personal freedom. This implies that it is crucial to overcome multiple obstacles to achieve the desired goal of freedom (Bloom & Blake 78).

Inventions, Idea or Laws Discovered

Benjamin Franklin discovered and advocated for the idea of uprising against victimization. Some of the crucial elements associated with liberation that helped the Americans to attain independence, include individuals uprising against any form of victimization and oppression that proved the ineffectiveness of those in authority. Therefore, the Americans would consider enlightenment as a benchmark that allowed them to differentiate what was right from what was wrong. This implied that they would demand for their rights and privileges from the authority, and this resulted in freedom (Labaree, Willcox and Oberg).


In conclusion, Franklin’s assertion of the need and ways of getting freedom are critical for both ordinary Americans and authorities. Benjamin Franklin fought for the attainment of Americans’ freedom and an uprising against victimization, which changed the American political history. For example, Franklin’s movement to Philadelphia was a significant act that enabled him to focus on multiple aspects of humanity. To this end, he focused on the basic family unit that led to greater responsibilities held by people in the government. 

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