I would like to inform you that your request to be our customer has been granted by the management. You are therefore welcome. I am an expert in this field and I will offer you adequate information about household waste management that our organization provides to other clients, living in the city.

Basically, a consultation would be really beneficial since it will allow you as a potential client to verify available options of carrying out household waste management. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of consultation, it is one of the practices, which should be embraced. The rationale is that a conscious and concerned person will always consult before carrying out an initiative. 

In this case, a consultation is a beneficial constructive exercise that will help you understand the fundamental aspects of household waste management, thus being able to find amicable solution to garbage problem. Three main benefits that you will enjoy include the following.

  • You will eventually be able to make better choices in matters relating to household waste management. For instance, since consultation does not reduce or increase the authority between the service provider (consultant) and the person consulting. Moreover, it might not restrict the ability of the parties, neither will it oblige another person to make certain decisions or take unprecedented actions, which are required for the person seeking consultative services.
  • Proper consultation of experts will help you recognize and eliminate potential domestic hazards, which could jeopardize your health in the home. For instance, if not well managed, household wastes might pose several environmental risks that eventually affect the lives of the occupants.
  • Consultation is also beneficial because it would help reduce exploitation from false advisers. Here, you will be advised on the availability of household wastes, potential threats that they pose and the various ways of disposing them.

Once you are ready, organize to meet me so that we arrange for the consultation schedules. I will make sure that you get the best advice on household waste management to improve the condition of your house. I am expecting you as soon as possible and looking forward to working with you.  


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