A wireless network is basically secured from attacks such as network intrusion, hacking, and unauthorized access. This protection is aimed at blocking intruders, protecting users and protecting the network itself. The best practice for securing a network can be defined as a methodology that can be easily used, cost effective and applicable to almost all enterprises. Practice may refer to procedures and technologies, for instance the use of Wi-Fi, and protected access (WAPs) security. These are technologies that can be used (TechTarget, 2000-2011).

The best practices which can be applied include; monitoring of the rogue in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum bands WINDS, may be used in areas where there is little or no wireless coverage for periodically monitoring of the rogues in2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum bands. Handheld monitor can also be applied, use of auditing techniques to detect intruders on the wireless network, and training of employees and warning them not connect to any adhoc WLANs. Authentication of the users before they start using the network is also fundamental. Authentication enables denial of service to the unauthorized persons from access and modification of SSSID to an enterprise-specific name default (TechTarget, 2000-2011).

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Discuss the pros and cons of defense-in-depth in an enterprise environment

There has been reluctance in the development of newly risk developed limits on leakages from steam generator tubes as they are part of the defense-in-depth barriers. Development of extensions of the regulatory to define criteria for risk informed revisions has been delayed due to defense in depth issues. There has been the development of regulatory requirements on software-based digital instrumentations and controls system. This is delayed because of the issues related with defense in depth, and in the development of graded quality assurance measures. This has been comprehensively conservative for reasons of concerns about the accredited significance of quality assurance to defense in depth.

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