Bohemianism entails a wide range of style appearances in accessories, clothing and home décor. All this, commonly, accentuate freedom and self-expression of the Bohemians. ‘Bohemian’ refers to the diverse counter-cultural factions in Europe that were engrossed in poetry, art and romance as compared to duties and careers. Their style of fashion has been exotic over time. Bohemian lifestyle integrates Gypsy, chronological costumes as well as varying cultural clothing since their custom is related to intellectuals, writers and artists. Their style entails loose, vibrant clothing that appears as hippie style, boho chic and artistic dress.  The Bohemians’ long flowing rich hair, though with thin fabrics, has made them be noticed as a colorful culture founded on poverty, creativity and an unconcern to social traditions and culture.  The persistence of poverty among the Bohemians’ artists was as a result of being abandoned by wealthy customers who sustained their artistic works. This prompted many of them to revert to nomadism and cheap lifestyle that was exemplified by their unfashionable and torn clothing.  Their immediate financial status determined their day-to-day meals. However, in the case of financial strength, the Bohemians ate well. The meals they would take during their financial strength ranged from overstated delicacies to mundane staples. Furthermore, all meals were accompanied by constructive conversations with associates. Some Bohemians engaged in careers as much as their financial status was wanting. They are distinguished by their occupation in writing, painting and intellectual prowess.

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The culture of Bohemians does not allow the ownership of private property and materialism but instead, focuses on mutual living and inventiveness. Bohemians associate social conventions with the utilization of alcohol and drugs. For this reason, they avoid such places and instead concentrate on art (MacFarlane Scott 175). The Aesthetic Movement transformed into a form of Bohemian culture. This brought revolution against the strict social restrictions of the Victorian period. Consequently, a fashion founded on the past’s clothing, especially oriental designs and medieval gear, was adopted. This resulted to the evolution of the Bohemian style to a cult of an individual. An artist in this sense became an eccentric mastermind as proved by his or her piece of work. The word ‘Bohemian’ then implied a sense of sexual freedom, impoverished personal hygiene and a mysterious enlightment. With the belief that Industrial upheaval was dehumanizing, the ancient skills of the middle ages with independently crafted products was encouraged. 

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