Food is essential for every human being’s survival. For a long time, people ate food that was locally available, seasonal and sustainable, with delicate sensitivity attached to each genetic heritage, ingredient derivation and carbon trace. After some time, people began to transport food to various areas. This has resulted in an increased variety of food in different geographical locations. The articles illustrate that Brett Martin and Christopher Columbus have been at the forefront in increasing the food varieties available to residents of any given region. Brett had just come from visiting various places. He had enjoyed different types of foods in the places he had visited. This prompted him to think of ways through which he could continue enjoying the food that he eaten in those places. He decided that he would transport the food to his home. On the other hand, Christopher Columbus, during his expedition, transported food from his home and eventually introduced different types of food items in the United States, thus increasing the variety of food available.

The tone of the two blogs is very informative. The manner in which the writers convey the topic on food makes it easy for the readers to understand the necessity of enjoying food that is available in other locations apart from theirs. Brett orders food from various parts of the world because they are not available in his locality. Columbus also transported food from Spain to the United States. It is quite clear from the two examples that geographical hindrances cannot limit people from enjoying a variety of food.

The purpose of the blogs is to inform people of the possibility of getting food from areas that are not in their vicinity. It quite clear from the blogs that distance is not a hindrance to get food that is not available in your current location. The Columbian exchange could be the reason there are different foodstuffs in various countries such as tomatoes in Italy, oranges in the United States, chocolates in Switzerland, and chilli peppers in Thailand. According to Brett, he could get as many food varieties as possible from all over the world which were then sent overnight via FedEx to his home in Brooklyn. This was after he remembered the days he had spent eating a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay delicacies unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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The readers of these blogs are quite different depending on the blog. In Christopher Columbus’ essay, the expected audience are ecologists who believe that he began an economic convulsion that became one of the well-known dealings of the modern world. Readers of Brett Martin’s blog are most likely food purveyors and the tourists who yearn for food that they want but distance presents a challenge. The purveyors can transport the food to the tourist’s geographical location.

The article on Christopher Columbus clearly explains how he established a trade network that had previously not been ventured. This has become very important for traders and food purveyors due to the need for exchange.  This actually increased the variety of foods in the United States and other countries. Similarly, Brett’s blog is about people whose diets are restricted to seasonal items grown in their immediate surroundings. However, with the development of fast and efficient transport systems, different food varieties can be availed in such areas. In both blogs, development in the transport sector helped in the development of trade. Christopher Columbus’ blog is a history of a man who brought about development of network trade. It is actually the best blog to consider since it is from Christopher Columbus transportation of food that cross-continent trade was clearly established.

In conclusion, people should not be limited to eating food that is only produced in their locality. This would otherwise force people to visit other areas so as to sample their favourite dishes. Through trade and exchange, which encompasses food items and various food species, residents of any geographical region can enjoy dishes that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity of sampling

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