As a source of information to the public, the coca cola company website serves the functions of disseminating information as well as advertising and making the company’s brands gain a competitive edge as in the market place of beverage industry (Kotlern 176). However, as a global leader, the official website is not possible to see at glace all the Coca-Cola brands produced by the company from the home page. The pictures look attractive and appealing; however the home page is crowded hence difficult to trace the exact brand which one wants to search making the home page interface loose the beauty value.

Again the user interface has a great deal of interactivity since most of the links are active and once clicked at they lead to relevant sites. Notably the links take very little time to load. However, the coca cola company web site lacks the online purchase facility where by customer can make purchasing of product online. In addition, the site does have comment facility where customers can leave comments on the brand they like or lodge complains for the company to improve its products.

The information contained in the coca cola company is regularly updated. This makes sure that customer get the most resent information about a particular brand they try to enquire information about. This promotes the customer interplay between their emotional reactions to the coca cola webpage as far as making the customer to   remain conscious thought the search process of the product the Consumers is trying to analyze (Kotlern 180).

The user interface is also not user friendly since some links are not clearly visible. This is because the links are hidden at a dull grew background. The links  are difficult to follow since they appear  in dull grew background color making it not easy to locate all  brands, including soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and other beverages which cannot be traced. 

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