Crashing the Tea Party is a book which is an eye opener for all the people who support and view the Tea Party as a party which is independent, a nonpartisan, and an authentic social movement which is for the betterment of the Americans. The Tea Party is a movement which called for the awareness of all the issues which related to all the challenges in domestic tranquility, security, and sovereignty of the United States of America. The Tea Party movement stood for the many American ideals which included the taxation, which had been believed to having reached unreasonable levels and was becoming bizarre, and the government spending which had been increasing at a very high rate. The “TEA” mainly stands for “Taxed enough already”  because the Tea Party movement strongly believed that the United States government had gone out of control, and if no one did anything to control it, then  the innocent Americans would greatly suffer because of the tax burden which would make them live in an extreme poverty.

The main objectives of the Tea Party are to change the federal government’s institution, represent voices of the people of the United States and to ease the burden of taxation on the American people. This is because the Tea Party movement believed that the people are the decision-makers and the government was just supposed to act, according to the voices of the citizens, since the citizens elect them to represent them not to make decisions on their behalf. A true patriot of the Tea Party knows very well that his life, pursuit of happiness, and liberty should not be subjected to any change without his knowledge and approval.

This party aimed at low taxes, a smaller government which had a reduced role, individual freedom, and free market prosperity. This could be accomplished in a number of ways where the American people could be able to elect out all the leaders and officials who were corrupt, and replacing them with good leaders who valued all the citizens in the country, a government which governed best with all its leaders understanding the rights of the people, and all the officials who remained in the offices were supposed to know that, if they went against the wishes of the people. Another objective of the Tea party was to educate all the American people who never had the idea or did not understand anything about the price that was paid for their freedom and also to be able to mobilize the people into the civic actions (Street & DiMaggio 125).

The Tea Party involves all people who are both men and women, and also from different economic classes. This party includes people who have never attended to or gotten involved in political activities and political rallies, and in most cases, they often have a very strong interest in the support of the party’s principles. One of the Tea Party’s principles is the fiscal conservatism ideology and the party’s desire to be able to decrease the government spending, taxes, and the deficits caused by the government spending, as well as the rights of the American people.

Crashing the Tea Party accounted the Republican stooges, where Street and DiMaggio stated that:

The real Tea Party phenomenon discovered here is relatively well off and Middle American (not particularly disadvantaged), very predominantly white, significantly racist, militaristic, narcissistically selfish, vicious in its hostility to the poor, deeply undemocratic, profoundly ignorant and deluded, heavily paranoid, wooden-headed, and overly reliant on propagandistic right-wing news and commentary for basic political information (Street & DiMaggio 9)

The reason as to why these people are involved in the Tea Party is that they were not pleased with the ruling party of the United States, which is the Democratic Party, which is currently under the leadership of President Barack Obama. This led to the protests by the people where they advocated for end of the Federal Reserve System, and the Upholding of the State’s rights among other issues. These supporters of the Tea Party felt that the country was being driven towards the wrong direction with no specific person to put the blame on. This is because they were being taxed heavily, since the government spending was very high and the American Economy was in a debt, which was termed in trillions of dollars. The tax burden is what made the people decide to found the Tea Party, since the tax burden was unbearable for the rich and the poor American families with the middle class hardworking families being forced to pay a price, which was very high. The Tea Party supporters aimed at changing the tax burden on the American families by making the voices of the American people to be heard by electing officials, who were supposed to represent their constituents through voting, and also electing leaders, who were supposed to share the real American true values (Street & DiMaggio 156).

A majority of the people in the Tea Party is more than 45 years of age, and a majority of them are married, and they are considered to be more conservative than any other population in the United States, and a majority of them are mostly likely to having been registered as the Republicans. They have positive views on the Republic Party, and they have negative views on the Democratic Party which is the ruling party in the United States of America. All the people who are involved in the Tea Party or are the supporters are usually better educated than the most of the population, and they are wealthier and apart from their income, gender, and political differences, the members of the Tea Party are demographical to the general U.S. population.

The Tea Party is the best solution to the population of the United States because Street and DiMaggio stated that:

We certainly see little point in mocking or jeering at the Tea Party and agree that it should be taken with deadly seriousness. However, we do not believe that the Tea Party has meaningfully mobilized and connected with the working-class and disadvantaged people that 'the Left' should be organizing in common opposition to concentrated wealth and corporate-state power. (Street & DiMaggio 21)

The media played a very important role in the Tea Party, since its treatment of the part has been a key ingredient in the political dysfunction recipe. This is because the Tea Party was able to utilize the media of the US to be able to gain power and popularity among the citizens of the United States. This made the party be able to succeed in the connecting of all the local groups of the country to the conservation of the nation. The media, which was an operation and was well financed, enabled the tea party to get all the media training and the focus group-tested messages which were mainly political messages and communicated the main objectives of the party to all of its supporters, and other local groups which enabled them to be able to get results. The media discussed parties which had been organized against the ruling party as being disorganized, confused, and misleading, but for the Tea Party, it was not the case, since the party had a goal and vision, and it was aimed at delivering the people of America from the taxation burden which affected each and every citizen of the country.

Through the use of the media, especially through the digital media like the use of the radios and televisions, and the use of the social media, like Facebook and Twitter has enabled the Tea Party to be able to pass its messages to all of its supporters throughout the country. This support by the media on the Tea Party has enabled the party to get enough support from the American citizens, since no citizen is willing to pay a lot of money to the government in the form of taxes, which has been a major problem in the United States, since people pay more than they actually get, which has explained the reason as to why still in the United States there are a lot of people still living in poverty, and the hardworking people are not advancing economically.

Communication is very important, since it has enabled the increase in the support of the Tea Party. This is because through the media, the people are well-informed about the main objectives and goals of the Tea Party, which shows that its main intention is for the welfare of the people and not the creation of political enmity and conflicts between the people, and the government. The Media brings out the importance of the existence of the Tea Party to the Americans, and how, if it prospers, would make the voices of the people to be heard and that the will of the people would be adhered to without the rights of the people being breached by the leaders of the country, and the government without their knowledge and consent.

In conclusion, the Tea Party has had a great impact on the American society, since other competing groups have experienced low media coverage, where the Tea Party has been supported by the Media with a very high coverage, which has been very massive. The Middle Americans can be able to listen to what the party is trying to communicate to them and also other political mainstreams which have also shown to have responded to the messages by the Tea Party. All the states which have been seen to support the Tea Party have been able to control the government spending, and also they have been able to control the heavy taxation burden on its citizens. Through this true federalism spirit, the Americans in the United States have been able to make a very big impact on the politics and culture of the country.

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