In their quest to curb abuse of tobacco and alcohol the whole system of government (state police, prosecutors and the US Drug Enforcement administration have devoted much effort, a lot of capital and time to persuade the citizens that alcohol and tobacco abuse can lead to death and addiction). On the other hand, alcohol courts were set up by the alcohol court Act 2005 to handle lawbreakers who are alcoholics and to implement alcohol intervention orders, prohibition orders and various sentencing order (Harold, 2011).

Further, marijuana tax act was included under internal revenue code of 1954. This act has helped to raise revenue from those registered and has, also, regarded it as a criminal law for any person who will handle cannabis without being licensed. Therefore, the government has imposed sanctions upon persons who trade, posses or obtain illegal drugs (Harold, 2011).

Social interventions have not been as effective as a result of religious, political and social issues of different groups. People have consciously disregarded or manipulated the truth behind the dangers of drug abuse. Others have assumed that abstinence-based program to be effective. The truth is that these programs are not a hundred percent effective (Harold, 2011).

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 Molecules of alcohol are swiftly dispensed to all the tissues that carry blood in the body where brain is a component. Consequently, there is more concentration of alcohol in the brain than in the rest of the body because alcohol dissolves quite easily in lipids thus its level in the brain outshines its level in the blood. The latest discovery by the scientists reveals that intoxication by alcohol is a heightened confounding condition, which reveals the improper functioning of the brains cortex. Further, if the level of alcohol intoxication becomes chronic it can be deadly. In addition, alcohol intoxication affects several neurotransmitters. As a result, this can develop or obstruct the effects of neurotransmitter that usually uses that receptor site. Also, alcohol intake is known to obstruct the activity of the messenger molecules found in the neurons.

In conclusion, use of alcohol and other drugs among pregnant women can lead to still births. In addition, there are neurodevelopment repercussions of prenatal drug exposure (Thompson, 2009).

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