This essay seeks to discuss and analyze the article “In Defense of Consumerism” by Llewellyn H. Rockwell. It also seeks to discuss the essay from the author’s point of view as well as the consumer’s point of view.

What is Consumerism?

Consumerism is a field or a concept that entails freedom in the marketplace. Consumerism can also be described as value of certain products that can be found in the market. According to Rockwell, consumerism simply implies freedom in the marketplace. It allows a consumer to purchase commodities from the marketplace at any time and in any quantity. This concept offers more choice and the consumer can access many different varieties in all tangible and intangible goods and services. Rockwell insists that the greatest thing about the economic market is that it gives the consumer the ability and power to choose. This concept is not only fast but also much better compared to other concepts of buying and selling of products in the marketplace. It is interesting to note that most businesses and marketers are turning to the internet market. The economic market is making a shift to online marketing because of its beneficial effects for businesses. Consumerism is a concept that serves not only the common man but also the great - kings, princes, and rulers among others. Thus consumerism means to live and get satisfaction from all the products that one sells and buys.

 The article “In Defense of Consumerism” by Llewellyn Rockwell presents a really unique concept. The author uses ethos, pathos and logos to bring out very important points that appeal to his readers. Not only do these appeals show his views on the same, but they also help him to defend this concept. In this essay, Rockwell tries to describe how the notion of consumerism has received unfair treatment that could eventually destroy the society at large. This is because in the modern times, consumerism is portrayed negatively as an aspect that affects the purchasing behavior of people which in most cases may lead to materialism.

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It is important to note that the author’s views focuses mostly on the erroneous conception of consumerism. Many people have failed to consider the positive aspects of this phenomenon as the author does. According to Rockwell, everyone has a right to choose and thus should be given the opportunity to make the choice freely. Rockwell insists in the essay that some people enjoy the best things in life while others content themselves with the good things only. This does not mean either of these ways is wrong. Everyone can choose what is necessary for them or what is not according to their own opinion. Rockwell argues that in order to follow modern life standards one has to buy and sell.

The question is if the author is sincere in his opinion and beliefs on consumerism. It is however clear that prosperity and wealth do not make people healthier or happier. This simply means that some of the aspects of consumerism can and have resulted in different abnormalities. In this case, this concept should be approached with concern and care. The focus should not be on the sacrifice made by the concerned party but on the different ways manufacturers can provide better and higher quality products with the least materials available. Rockwell argues that there is a need to change what is produced and the way this product is consumed.


This essay has discussed and analyzed Llewellyn Rockwell’s essay about consumerism. It has also highlighted and discussed the most controversial aspect of consumerism and the focus that should be made on the positive attributes of the phenomenon of consumerism.

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