This easy seeks to answer multiple questions from a multiple quiz. The questions are based on and related to reinforced behavior, types of reinforces, Laboratory experiments and research carried out on reinforcement behavior in relation to the tendency of these responses to reinforced behavior.

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Reinforcement behavior is the process of strengthening certain measurable dimensions of behavior. Classical Learning is not mechanically acquired is void of overt responses and is gained through paying attention to others responses. Ringing a bell before the dog rolls over is not an example of a reinforcement behavior. The reason that Ivan Pavlov’s dogs began silavating when the assistance entered the laboratory was because the dogs had been conditioned through association.  Carl reinforced each movement towards the hoop, eventually the dogs were reinforced as they reached the hoop. This is an example of a shaping.

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The two types of reinforcers distinguished by skinner are primary reinforcers and secondary reinforcers. During Pavlov’s classical experiments, after setting and conditioning the bell was the US, and salivation was the UR. Fixed ratio does not appear to be particularly strong way to elicit desired behavior. A slot machine is an example of a variable ratio schedule.Reinfrocers can be a reward, pleasant event or a biological satisfaction. Preventing rehearsal can enhance the information contained in short memory.

Tolman showed that rats can learn about their environment without reinforcement. His research illustrated the difference between learning and practice. Taste aversion differs from other instances of classical condition because only one association may be required. A baby cries in response to the faces of strangers but smiles when he sees his mothers face. This is an example of response generization. Research shows that playing dangerous games leads to or is associated with increases in aggressive thoughts, a history of juvenile delinquency, and a greater likelihood of men acting aggressively after playing the games.


This paper has tried to analyze by answering questions on many different aspects that are related to reinforcement behavior in animals and in human beings as well.

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