Sex education is the area of discussion I chose for this paper based on the topic of early sex education effects. This is an extremely fascinating subject of discussion in the present society that we exist in. This is due to sexually transmitted diseases and death due to the same being exceptionally high. It is thus crucial to educate the society on the importance of sex education early enough in order to create awareness on such matters. Sex education is the process of disseminating information on matters concerning sex, relationships, intimacy and sexual identity.

For this reason, sexuality education is yet another name for sex education. This education on sexual matters helps young make informed decisions in their day to day relationships especially in matters concerning sex, and other day to day decisions. Early sex education helps the young people avoid the following related issues to sex i.e. abuse, unintended pregnancies, exploitation, HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. They thus get the right information, enjoy their relationships, get to know their rights and feel right about their sexuality. Young people develop skills that related to the general life skills, if properly educated on matters concerning sex education early enough. Some of the skills acquired include listening, decision-making, negotiation, resisting of peer pressures, asking for guidance when in need and finally, but not least, dealing and managing prejudice (Luker, 2006). The young people are also able to distinguish between accurate and wrong information concerning such matters. They also get to establish several moral and social matters concerning issues like contraceptives and abortion. At the start of this research, several questions ran through my mind. These include questions like; what is sex education? What is the importance of having sex education? What skills do sex education instil in young people if taught early enough? At what stage should educating young people on sex issues start? Who should educate young people on matters concerning sex education? What should be included while educating the youth on sex education? What does early sex education imply? Finally, and most noteworthy is what is the effect of early sex education?

Several researches conducted earlier on in relation to sex education help in understanding the importance of the above questions. It is a well know fact that, during the adolescents’ stage, the teenagers display characteristics of sexual behavior and development. Thus, during this stage they experiment a lot so as to discover their sexual feelings. It is thus crucial to educate these young people early enough so as to prevent some negative effects of such sexual experiments. Sex education is thus incorporated at a younger age so as to keep the young people more informed about their sexual rights and sexuality. Early sex education is a process in which information is impacted on young people early enough, and it incorporates growth, development and physiology of the human reproductive system. Therefore, it shows how the development of human beings is affected by sex, and the children are instilled with concepts and knowledge that help them in making informed and responsible sexual decisions in their life (Irvine, 2004).

It is necessary to have early education on sex issues so as to avoid certain issues like the sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and Aids, unwanted pregnancies, peer pressure, abortions, health related issues which relate to sexual activities like abortion e.t.c. Through early sex education, such issues are avoided since the education enlightens the young people and thus they make informed decisions concerning sex matters. Hence, early sex education is noteworthy because it reduces the risk of such sexual diseases and irresponsible sexual behavior. Young people need more than information so as to term the early sex education as effective. Thus, the young people need skills like excellent communication, listening, decision making and assertiveness skills.

There are several cultural beliefs and traditions that relate to the issue of sexuality. These include such beliefs as sex should only be after one is married and abortion is not acceptable. However, the young people during the early sex education should get more relevant, information such as use of contraceptives, and when it is necessary to abort, for those who cannot resist the temptation of sex and those who want to abort respectively. This will reduce the transmitting of the sexually transmitted diseases (Campos, 2002).

Young people should be provided with all range of information on sex and sexuality. Sex education should aim at understanding what the young people know and equip them with more relevant information. They should thus be given information on sexual development and reproduction, birth control and contraception, relationships, abortion, confidentiality and sexuality.

On matters of sexual reproduction and development, information on changes associated with puberty both emotional and physical as well as fertilization and conception, and sexually transmitted diseases. Such information will help the young people develop wisdom on how to deal with such situations. However, some young people may use this early knowledge to try and experiment such and thus, end up hurt at. On the issue of contraceptives and birth control, the young people get to know the right contraceptives and where they can access them. For this reason, the young people get enough knowledge to make concrete decisions on such matters. However, some may use this knowledge negatively so as to involve in unsafe sexual behavior since they have a way out through contraceptives. On relationships matters, the sex educators get to let the young people understand the various relationships that exist, for example, love and commitment, marriage and partnerships, and all diversity concerning sexuality. Through such information, the young people get to know what kind of relationship they want to have in their lives. On other issues like abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, the young people are taught about their disadvantages and thus, at the end they get to acquire their own attitude and beliefs on such matters concerning sexuality (Bigelow, 2009).

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For sex education to be effective, it must start early enough before the young people reach the stage of puberty. This should be done so as to mould their behavior earlier enough thus form a strong base for their sexuality matters over time. Such information provides a complex foundation of knowledge that the young people use over time. It is crucial for parents to form a basis for sexuality conversations so as to create an open relationship between them and their children. This should be done early enough so as the young people can have a healthy sex life since they can ask any question concerning sex, sexuality and relationships early enough before they commit a mistake concerning the same.

The people responsible for administering the sex education to the youngsters are several and include parents/ guardians, teachers in schools and the youth themselves. For parents, the deliver information on sex, sexuality and relationships to their children in a continuous manner over a long period through short interactions. However, most parents feel embarrassed to talk to their young ones concerning such matters of their sexuality, and they believe that such matters should be left to the teachers at school. It is, however, very crucial for parents to be concerned with schooling their children on such matters concerning sex, sexuality and relationships so that they can make their parent child relationship stronger. It also makes the young people have health sexual relationships since they have all information needed, just like in the case, in the Netherlands where the government urges parents to address such matters (Fields, 2008).

Teachers, on the other hand, are important in the transmission of such messages to the young stars through the syllabus or programs set aside by the school board to address such matters. The schools should start educating students as early as before they reach the age of puberty. This education should be done in stages as the young people grow both physically and emotionally. The teachers should also take the initiative to guide the young people when they find them to be going astray. Such early education helps the young people to understand and appreciate their sexuality, and know that they have a guiding hand from their teachers. Most young people can benefit from education on sex matters from their teachers, more than their parents can, since most sex education in schools takes the form of lessons. Hence, most students can ask questions during the classroom sessions.

The following areas should be discussed in schools so as to make the school based sex education more effective: Ways of reducing behaviors termed as risky, for example, unprotected sex. Theories that explain a person’s choice in sexual matters, for example, why some people are gay or lesbians. Messages on ways of reducing sexual related risks, for example, use of condoms. Provision of information on risks that are associated with sexual behavior, for example, unwanted pregnancies, acquiring of sexually transmitted diseases and other health complications associated with abortion. Most young people through this acquired information end up enhancing their knowledge, behavior and attitude (Campos, 2003).

Another means of sex education is through the young people interactions. This can be highly effective since the young people are consulting with each other hence they feel free to discuss any matters concerning sex, sexuality and relationships. Such forums can be effective when a forum for the young people is held t address such issues. This if done early will enable the young people develop more information and understanding on such matters, thus form their own beliefs and attitude.


At the end of this research, my understanding on sex, sexuality and the relationship has become deep, and most of the questions I had at the beginning are now crystal clear. Such questions included; what is sex education? What is the importance of having sex education? What skills does sex education instil in young people if taught early enough? At what stage should educating young people on sex issues start? Who should educate young people on matters concerning sex education? What should be included while educating the youth on sex education? What does early sex education imply? Finally, and most noteworthy is what is the effect of early sex education?

Just as, I have always thought earlier on sex education, should be incorporated early enough so as to build a strong, complex foundation on attitudes and beliefs concerning sexual matters. In addition, my understanding on this subject has improved to know that not only the young people who benefit from early sex education, rather it encompasses many people such as parents, peers, teachers and many more in the society. The effects of early sex education are more on a positive note than a negative one. Thus, for this reason sex education should be taught early enough and involve everybody in the society for it to be effective. The only negative effect of early sex education, is the possibility of young people in the context of curiosity experimenting on the information acquired through sex education, and possibly get affected by the negative aspects of sex which include transmitted diseases through sexual activities, unwanted pregnancies, abortions among others.

Summary of the overall paper

By now, I have come to understand the importance of early sex education. The people who benefit from it are several they include the young people, parents, teachers and society at large. The young people benefit from it through several ways, which include having people to turn to for guidance and assistance, forming a solid base on matters related to sex education, having a strong relationship with parents and teachers as they listen to them, they also get to know their sexual rights in instances such as rape and finally, getting to have their peers understand them through such discussions with them.

The parents get to benefit since their relationship with their children becomes strong in all perspectives thus they are able to understand their children. Teachers also benefit from sex education through discussions in class that make the students attentive and increase their interactions. The society benefits the most by having young people who have the knowledge and act responsibly. However, early education on sex can also have negative effects whereby the young people can try to experiment on the information they have an end up at risk due to the sexual activities. In conclusion, the early sex education has many positive effects as compared to the negative effects. Thus, it should be encouraged and practiced by everybody in the society for it to be effective.

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