Fire outbreak can lead to several damages within the neighbourhood, including the loss of lives. This is the same case that engulfed a 40 year old male career lieutenant and a 49 year old male career fire fighter who both lost their lives at a residential structure fire. This occurred on Saturday July 24, 2010 and they were pronounced dead while being transported to the local hospital. It is worth noting that victim 1, the 40 year old male career lieutenant, had transmitted a duress call while on the 3rd floor and this was never acted upon (NIOSH, 2011). The rapid change of heat and smoke in the 3rd floor caused the victim to meet their death while pulling walls and ceilings.

The Report

As a result of the incidence, two safety and occupational health specialists were dispatched to the scene on July 30 so as to unravel the mystery behind the fire and the ultimate death of the two fire fighters. It can be asserted that the failure by the Bridgeport fire officials was the ultimate result of how the two officials succumbed to death (NIOSH, 2011). While the two officials were fighting the fire in the third floor, they had sent a mayday call which the deputy chief as well as his assistant paid little attention in responding to. The two officials could have been rescued before succumbing to death had an immediate response been taken by the two leaders.

It is worth noting that in case of a fire outbreak within the vicinity, there ought to be a rapid intervention team that is readily available. On this particular occasion, the two victims did not receive this aid forcing them to act on their own. On the other hand, first aid should be administered to any individual who seems to be unconscious from the incident (Naum, 2011). One of the fire-fighters who had been rescued from the scene while still unconscious did not get the quick medical attention needed for his survival. This can be termed as a case of sheer negligence.

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The report also concludes that the necessary air supply needed in such a scene was never available. It is surprising to note that both the two fire-fighters went into the rescue mission with empty air cylinders. This is an illustration that they were on a mission in which they were risking their lives. Lack of enough air supply did not assist them in coming out of the building alive, since there was no way they could breathe, an essential component for survival (NIOSH, 2011). The fire department is normally required to have an incident safety officer who should be on the field to coordinate the response to fire fighting. On this day, the department’s incident safety officer was not insight until 20 minutes later. This suggests that the fire-fighters begun responding to the fire without any help from the incident safety officer.

Lessons learnt

The lack of vacant / hazardous buildings within the city is one factor that can highly trigger fire incidences. It is therefore important that the fire department be able to set an automatic dispatch system that will ensure a quick response to fire outbreak. On the other hand, it is important to get rid of the snow that continues to accumulate on the roof as well as frozen water hydrants that could easily act as hazards to fire operations (Naum, 2011). The dilapidated conditions on how structures should be quickly corrected before any incident can be reported.

Negligence on the part of fire-fighters and more so there leaders can easily trigger the loss of lives. For instance, had the deputy chief and his assistant been quick to respond to the signal by one of the fire-fighters, and then the loss could not have taken place. Fire –fighters within the state are not properly equipped with the essential tool and expertise that they can use during an outbreak (NIOSH, 2011). The general public must also be willing to assist the fire department through relaying information on buildings that are being built and can act as obstacles to fire fighters and the public.

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