Walt Disney is a renowned name in the entertainment industry and has immensely transformed the way we interact and experience entertainments.

Walt Disney is an entertainment Company with a global approach in its operation, and, in order to enhance consumer-centric products, developed Diversified Initiative. This Initiative’s primary purpose was to see and define the diversity of the people who work there: their race, age, gender, cultural background, lifestyle etc. Diversity initiative has ensured gender equality among company’s workers, according to an employee’s statistic, carried out in September, 2008; females represented 52 percent of the total gender among workers.

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Diversity initiative is an approach designed and developed by Walt Disney’s company to provide its employees with global approach in their work which transforms into products that meet the specific needs and preferences of the mass market. Considering 40 percent of minorities to the total number of employees, Walt Disney is proud not only of having diversified human resources, but also vibrant and skilled personnel.

Walt Disney’s diversified human resources demonstrate an inclusive environment which transcends cultures, lifestyles, race and religions. The company has employed professionals who are authorized and obliged to recruit, retain and develop careers of the minority employees, including cast members. The company also has programs such as mentoring and professional development, which help to harmonize all the differences and diversities and make it a one big advantage. 

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