There are more than 7170 farmers’ markets in the United States. It is evident from this paper that Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center provides qualitative description of the processes that are incorporated in starting a seasonal market for Pennsylvanian producers.

Therefore, this essay will be paramount in the research proposal as it will offer some solutions to the problems that are facing national health. It will also help in creating awareness of these problems as it advocates for greater public attention to organic and industrial foods. 


The consumption of organic foods in the United States has risen tremendous since the legalization of these products. In order that production of these products was regulated, the United States Department of Agriculture certified a number of agents who would ensure that the producers of organic foods produced them as per the standards set in the United States. This article therefore, evaluates the credibility of the United States Department of Agriculture in certifying these agents.

The desire by the American people to eat healthy food has seen them grapple over the correct meaning of the term “organic”. It is evident people have differing opinions on this concept, the methods that should be applied in it among other things. This article explains a number of practices that are involved in organic food production and also evaluate the criterion that is applied in establishing farmers markets and the organic food certifying agents.

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It is therefore evident that this article will play a crucial in completing the proposal on organic food versus industrial food as it clearly evaluates the establishment of the appointing agents, the farmers markets, the consumers’ opinion on organic food and has it given some the standard practices that should be practiced in food production.

Sarita, C. (2011.) Interdisciplinary Humanities.  Organic Food for the "Lunchables" Generation: Transformational Multiculturalism in the New Millennium.28 (1), 42-59.

In addressing the new millennium, the new generation was actively implementing its desire to consume more organic food than it had previous done. In a nutshell, this article shows the food trend that had emerged. It had brought forward multicultural diners that the consumers could choose from.

This article will be crucial in the research proposal. This is because it clearly illustrates that the incorporation of organic food in the United States had given the consumers a chance to choose food they wanted from the options availed by the multicultural dimension of the American citizens.

Marvin, T., B. (2011). American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Consumer-Driven Changes in Food Marketing Channels: Organics and Sustainable Food Systems in the United States. 93(2), 604-605.

This paper critically evaluates the demand of organic food in the United States. This is because the demand for locally produced vis-à-vis other differentiated products has been on the rise though on a low base. These findings in this article arose from a survey that was conducted in which it had conjoined purchase either of organic or inorganic food substances.

This proves that this article will be vital in the research proposal as it will offer insights on the factors that attributed to the increased demand in organic food in the United States.  

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