This act affected companies that meant to supply the required products. In the past, federal agencies used facilities that had features which suited normal people only. This would prevent the disabled citizens from acquiring jobs in the federal sector. This was not in line with excellent service to all humanity. Sidelining some people became rampant because they lacked the ability to convince that they had the wits to carry out same duties. In the real sense, their nature was the unfortunate barrier to their exploration in life. There was the need to respond to this concern. That is why the congress moved to amend the section 508 so as to incorporate this people into the government sector.

The Affected Products

The products which were subject to review included EIT products such as, computers, copiers, systems of telecommunication, multimedia, web pages, kiosks that are self contained and software applications. Originally, these products were not usable by people with disability. Just imagine a situation where one wants to send a text message but the ability do so is challenged because of nature, these people will go through a lot of inconveniences. Because of this, seriously there came a move to take this into consideration to design electronics that comply with the section 508 act. Designing web sites that are usable by people with a disability was another move this would ensure that everyone have what suits them.

Companies that design software applications, which are used in different places in the federal sector, got new orders. Special kinds of software applications were developed for adoption by these sectors. As from June 2001, purchases done had to strike a balance in this to comply with the act (Michael, 2000).

Impacts of Law and Societal needs on Company Products

The society is in actual sense the determinants when it comes to what is suppose to be in the market for consumption. No company will thrive if it does not agree to be submissive to the needs of the society. Octopus business, cannot thrive in a society where consumption of sea foods is a taboo. The same way EIT companies had the responsibility to dance to the tunes of societal needs.

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The law is subject to societal norms and expectations. Once a society condemns or accepts an act, it becomes universal rule by naturalization. The law complies with the needs of a society where democracy is held on high esteems. The society saw it was expedient and humane to involve persons with a disability in nation building. These people needed special attention. The society therefore, naturally considered it was appropriate to make the conditions in working sector favorable for them. There was an enactment of a law that enforced special EIT attention to the disabled (Thatcher, 2006).

A case of Company

One agency that took up to adopting this act is the postal service. Postal service boasts of their policy of breaking any barriers and providing access to everyone. The company thrives to provide a suitable ground for its employees and customers to conduct easy postal transactions. The main objective of the postal service has been to adopt section 508 to the latter since the day it went through amendment. In order to accomplish the subjects entailed in the act, postal service has organized forums to teach USPS workers about the importance of section 508.

The postal service has done all it can in procuring its facility in compliance with the act. It designed a friendly site where the disabled citizens can share their views. This has made services provision in the company to be extremely deferential.

The postal service promises a future where all people both able and disabled will access the most efficient communication, and electronic technology. The company has a mandate to assimilate the section 508 to be a normally working condition. Every facility in the postal sector has the obligation to balance out to all people of diverse walks of life. Adopting the new system will improve the cooperation’s status a great deal (Resna, 1991).


Section 508 has been a cause of immense change in the working sector. It has enabled the disabled to feel equally accepted and appreciated just like the others in the society. It has provided a room for creation of opportunities. IT companies went to task to create applications that best fit the requirements of the rehabilitation act. Companies such as postal services have substantially benefited from this. The company has been able to expand its territories. Many more still have the responsibility to take the act to higher levels of compliance. The IT products are to conform to the rule of catering for all in the same basket

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