Women are the weaker sex of the human species. Therefore, they are very vulnerable to violence by males in the current society where men consider themselves superior. There have been many instances when women have had to go through cruel treatment by their male partners. In the Eastern culture, women are subjected to submission by default. Due to this they are expected to stoop low and honor the males. If they go contrary to this tradition, they undergo suffering of punishment from the males’ side. In the Western culture men often deny legal and social rights of women. It is caused by the existence of an open society. The women can be very useful members of the society, if they receive good and fair treatment and good education. There is a number of women who have strongly risen up and their leadership in their respective countries and all over the world has been heard.

Violence against women has been identified as the universal problem. An estimate by World Health Organization shows that at least 30% of women have experienced violence in one way or another especially in intimate relationships. In the olden days, women were considered as burdens to the society. In the Arabian world, they would be buried alive. They would not be given even a share of inheritance from their parents. In Africa, women were not respected in the society. They were given off for marriage at a tender age to bring wealth to the family. If a family gave birth to purely women, that homestead was considered cursed or unlucky. They were not to complain in case they were going through tough times in their marriages. This would call for dire consequences.

Currently, Violence against Women

Domestic violence

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Domestic violence has been quite widespread worldwide. Men normally beat women when they ask money or if they enquire to know why they failed to come home or why they came home late. There have been cases of divorce and family breakages due to this.

Social violence

This is very harmful for women. It happens in large scale. In some instances, college or school girls are teased by ill-intentioned men and are sometimes subjected to abduction and rape.

Unethical violence

This is the ugliest of all. It includes pressurizing women to forced sexual exploitation. Some women are lured into production of bad movies and pictures. Women are considered as a source of enjoyment.

How to Resist the Violence

The masses should be made aware of human rights especially women rights, so that everyone may appreciate and respect them. The United Nations should make it mandatory for countries to enact laws that condemn violence against women. The community can be a very instrumental tool to create awareness to people and share with others the rights of women. This would encourage women to work in a free environment where they do not feel undermined (Kalpana 201).

Another thing that will help boost the respect accorded to the rights of women is educating the people. The more literate the people become, the more they come to understand and appreciate women’s rights. Equal slots in education should be availed to everyone so that there is no gender that reigns superiorly to the other.


In summary, women violence is a global phenomenon that needs to be eradicated. This can be done, if everyone acts in conjunction with one another. This act is nothing else but human behavior. So for us to make a change, we need to make people think differently. A woman is a very special member of the society and she must be treated with respect.

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