A recent study at a campus realized that interacted skills of essay writing and the way of thinking were the two most significant skills when writing.  Higher education involves the availability and inadequacy of such skills, or any other skills involved in writing. When students were inquired about the skills most available and unattainable, essay writing was amongst the leading skills. Unsurprisingly, writing is a skill that employers in the majority of organizations exceedingly value.

Essay writing issues and their solutions 

Issues involved in essay writing can be divided into macro and micro issues. Macro issues in essay writing include the structure of the essay, which include the introduction, body, conclusion and reference or bibliography page. The introduction is a paragraph that offers the route map for the person who reads, making the argument or thesis clear for development in the body. The main body is determined by the creativity and decision of the writer. The decision made by the writer should guarantee an adoption of a tactical or reasonable strategy that is clear to the person who reads.  

The conclusion is the part where the writer reminds the reader of the content in the body through a summary of the main issues that have been tackled, or argued out. A list of the sources where the information for the essay was gathered should be provided after the conclusion, on its own page. Otherwise termed as the reference list, the kind of references should be offered by the instructor or administration, depending on whether or not they require a reference list from the writer.

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Micro issues are grammar and punctuation-related in essay writing. Syntax is the procedural term used to define sentence structure. Bad syntax is brought about by badly ordered sentences with no apparent and concise meanings. Inappropriate use of tenses is another micro issue that can be avoided with the introduction and discussion of other people’s judgment using present tense, and using consistency within the sentences. Prepositions are other grammatical features that are frequently misused. Describing the position and movement, prepositions the state used in the sentence should always be double-checked because they always seem correctly used, even when they are not. Colons, semi-colons, apostrophes and speech marks are marks that can be evaded to keep of unnecessary grammatical errors


Issues in essay writing feature grammatical, punctuation and syntax aspects that often require double-checking after writing. Advice, guidance, and interactive sources from the reference list can be used to guide the writer on aspects of the topic of the essay. Developed as one entity, everything developed within an essay should be authored with originality to avoid plagiarism. Grammatical and syntax issues are a vital part of the essay and should be consistently observed by the writer when proofreading the written work.   

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