The downtown public districts have since time immemorial been areas where corporate s established their business empires. This is duly because of its close proximity to the metropolitan surrounding as a whole. These districts have also served as both retails center outlets and as huge entertainment centers where the surrounding population would get recreation facilities whenever they needed. The downtown public districts have been made to undergo massive city transformations as a result of policies established by the federal government. The first policy implicated the federal government coming up with national system of highways which were established for the purpose of connecting all the states within America. The second policy was formulated by the same federal government immediately after World War II. This policy encouraged the citizens to acquire homes through government introduced programs which subsidized the prices of mortgagees to the public at large. Gated communities came into being as a result of the political economies, the ease with which capital was mobilized in between states, the marginalization of the foregoing labor market and the broken down welfare states. These gated communities are said to have started with the rich neighborhoods as developers and city designers took to develop cities according to the prevailing market specifications. However, the majority of gated communities nowadays lie in California and Texas.  As a result of privatizing public space, the city states experienced a vast breakdown in term of its social order so that social control mechanisms and their associated institutions such police stations and schools were considered irrelevant and outdated as communities embarked on campaigning for the integration of the service to them as a whole. However, it has been noted that with the introduction of gated communities, there was an observable phenomena particularly on the collection of responsibility which acted to diminish the purpose and the objective of the “living together”. The main purpose for the establishment of gated communities developed as a way of segregating the few elite from the majority poor so that a divide of the same was made possible. Minority races like the blacks and the Latinos were the most affected as they were particularly separated from the rest. This move was practiced with the intention of protecting the majority (whites) from potential attacks. It should be noted that fear which was based on racial prejudice was a major contributing factor to the emergence and popularity of gated communities. With introduction of gated communities to cities like Los Angeles will produce devastating social breakdowns in the sense that the elites will use the vast resources at their disposal to segregate themselves from the rest of the community so that in the end there will be separate social amenities for the different social statuses in the same community and the end rest will be riots which may turn unpleasant.  

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