Culture is basically defined as the social heritage of a given group of people (Simpson & Weiner, 1989). It is said that the diversity of people is normally what makes people unite all over the world. People’s cultural heritage, here to stay and therefore embracing and appreciating it, is basically the first step towards using it for the betterment of humanity (Garlikov, 2010). It is worth to note that when individuals work collectively in sustaining cultural heritage, the international cultural policies will definitely have an upper hand. For instance, the cooperation that was developed between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands was meant to retain and manage collective cultural heritage in four sectors, that is, constructed heritage, museums, archives, and marine archeology (Putin, 2008). Diversity of culture is also evident when community based institutions embark on hiring competent individuals from other communities so that a sense of humanity is felt utterly (Putnam, 2002). Nowadays, institutions of higher learning have come up with courses whose purpose is bringing people from different countries together irrespective of their social backgrounds.

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 Comprehension of the people’s culture has been a tool frequently used by most politicians in metropolitan states in order to lure great percentage of votes. Politicians with great experience in the field have always come up with policies that directly benefit people from different backgrounds without discrimination.

 It is through our understanding of culture that we as human beings are able to work and live comfortably together. Human beings are social in nature and therefore cultural diversity should not be an element used to divide humanity but should be cherished and adored. Some states are termed economically viable out of their rich cultural diversity. For instance, America is comprised of a large group of people that vary in their culture but still manage to work and live harmoniously as teams (National Park Service, 2004). All in all, it will be wise to stipulate that when people understand and appreciates each other’s culture, then its benefit is far much more than just understanding each other in class or any other academic institution in that matter.

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