The Clerks of Hotel Front Desk have an expanded range of functions which include room reservations, services to guests, receipt payment for services and provision of the information to the clients. Hotel Front Desk typically accomplishes guest activities such as processing guest arrivals as well as departures, selling rooms, modifying, canceling reservations and taking payment. To add on this, Hotel front desk agents are responsible to accomplish financial transactions, communicate well, oversee zones of guest safety and security and use technology. They are usually employed by motels, resorts and hotels.

Hotel front desk clients are based at the midst of property operations. They are usually the first and last connection with visitors; therefore, hotel front desk clients must be flexible, able to transact with the public, outgoing and able uphold their professional equanimity when solving problems. They are obligated to advance guest loyalty through not only achieving but by going beyond guest expectations. This makes the main aim of this paper which is to train Front Desk Manual for Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel.

Functions of the Front Office Department

The Front Office Department makes the key control center of the hotel. It provides 24-hours attention concerning serving and handing of all guests’ needs and requirements. Although it drifts communications with all other departments; directions and instructions for the service of the guest originate from it; settlement is simple for it to receive changes for ultimate billing. The Front Office Agents’ global function is to provide all guests’ immediate needs such as accommodation, cashier and telephone as well as communicating to all guests regarding other services concerning other Hotel Department.


In general, the Front Office Department is coordinated by the Front Office Manager, who in return informs the General Manager. Most of the departments contain Front Office Clerks who in ultimate circumstances are substitutable with entire Front Desk functions, that is reception, reservations, information, guest relations, telephone department activities as well as concierge.

Principles of Good Service

In most businesses where there are selling products or goods, though in the hotel enterprises, the hotel sells services.  Each hotel provides different types of outlets and rooms. What makes the main difference between one hotel from another is the ways in which they care for their guests.  Whilst there are convinced technical skills associated in Front Office functions, service is their prime product.

The Four Principles of Good Service

Prompt Attention: However busy you might be, it is a must for you to recognize the moments when guests are trying to acquire your attention.  You should tactfully advise the guest that you will be in a position to attend him as soon as possible.

  1. Attitude: You should go out of your moods to care for a guest’s necessities.  This might even involve accomplishing tasks not of your area of accountability.

  2. Streamlined procedures: There cannot be a procedure or a rule that applies to all guests.  In all circumstances, common sense should prevail and each employee must be flexible in his tactic.  For instance, if a guest is waiting beside the desk, the clerk will not get his arrangement and does not supposed to be retailed out, you should room him.  Research the issue later on, but ensure you serve the guest as efficiently and quickly as possible.

  3. Extended services:  You should not leave any guest without attantion after executing your particular function. Try to fulfill guest’s needs.

Front Office Personnel Key Standards

Due to the high level of contact with guests, Front Officer Personnel should possess the following qualities:

1. Neatness:  all employees should be properly groomed with ironed and clean uniform; name tag must be always worn in the proper position.

2. Every time you speak to fellow workers, ensure you use the actual name of the employee.

3. During work time, the employee should strictly follow regulations and rules, such as not to smoke, not chew a chewing gum or do something that can dishonor the Front Office Department.

4. Greet the visitors in a polite manner and with a smile.  In the conversations, address to guest by use of name: Mr., Mrs. or Miss., where possible, nonetheless, do not outdo the restrictions of cordiality.

5. Do not abuse guests or even loose composure. 

Part I

Company Overview

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Fisher Island Hotel and Resort is located on the Miami Beach coast in Miami Beach. The private island has 45 cottages and villas scattered within 216 acres resort featuring tennis center, golf club, resort beach and full service hot tub. There is enough security and the environment is serene.  Fisher Island Hotel and Resort is enhanced by the beauty of tropical island remedy. It is accessible by 24-hour personal auto, ferry, helicopter or boat.

Project Definition

It is important to develop a training manual for all front desk agents at Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel. Training Front Desk Manual for Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel will encourage staff to recognize problems and give them power to solve the identified problems. The staff responsible for reservations, uniformed service, telephone operation and front desk operators among others requires this training to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered. This will increase guest services and satisfaction in the hotel. The project is aimed at developing a training manual for all front desk agents at Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel. The project will identify when the training will be implemented, the activities to do next, the time of each activity, the resources required to implement the program and costs associated with implementation.  The project is aimed at increasing the number of guests visiting the hotel and aimed at increasing profits appreciably by 50%. The result of the project is expected to be felt within a period of eight months.

Project Name

The project name is “Training Front Desk Manual for Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel”.

Project Identification Tools

The project intends to use the following identification tools to gather reliable and valid evidence in order to identify the needs for this training.

  1. Interviewing the members who have worked in the hotels and restaurants for a period of two years and more, since they have been involved in the situation directly.

  2. Visiting various hotels and observing the Front Desk Manual, as this will give firsthand information.

  3. Brainstorming with the team members about the advantages, disadvantages and consequences of developing a training manual for all front desk agents.

  4. Create a focus group with team members concerning developing a training manual for all front desk agents.

  5. Reviewing the studies regarding developing a training manual for all front desk agents.

Project Parameters

Problem: Benchmarking revealed that application of Training Front Desk Manual reduces costs in hotel industries, satisfies guests and increases production. Therefore, it is important for Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel to apply this technique to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Boundaries: the project will only deal with Training Front Desk Manual. Other hospitality operations are out of the boundary.

Importance of the Project

The current technology has enabled human beings to move to high levels. People are currently looking for the most satisfying services in hotels. Hotels aim at reducing costs and maximizing profits through satisfying services and quality goods. Developing a training manual for all front desk agents is a method used by hotels and entertainment facilities to increase effectiveness and efficiency at the facilities. This technique enables staff to identify problems when dealing with guests and make a decision on how to solve it. According to the latest evidence, Training Front Desk Manual in hotel industries will reduce costs and maximize profits. This is where the applied project proposal is to be implemented.

Project Goals

  1. To assess the needs of the Training Front Desk Manual for Fisher Islanc Club & Resort Hotel.

  2. To assess the degree and nature of potential local participation of the Training Front Desk Manual.

  3. To assess the number of hotels which have already developed a training manual for all front desk agents and how they have benefited from it.

  4. To identify time, duration and methods used for a company in the development of training manual for all front desk agents.

Project Scope

The ultimate result of the project will identify when the program can be implemented, 
the activities to do next, the time of each activity, the resources required to implement the program and costs associated with the training. The project covers examination of baseline data at the start of the project and the continuous data collection throughout the duration of the project. Project data identification tools include interviews, observation, brainstorming, focus group and reviews. Teamwork will be utilized throughout the project and the team members will be educated appropriately. Members of the team will also be trained on specific topics regarding solar thermal enhanced oil recovery, data collection and successful organizational communication (University of California, 2008).

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