The debate on the use of mobile phone in schools has been a common issue on media and legislators. Different people, organizations and scholars, have produced opposing views on whether school administrations ought t ban the use of mobile phones among young children in schools. As much as some argue that mobile phones are an essential aspect for most individuals in the modern society regardless of social factors like age, mobile phone use in schools by young children has key negative effects to the students. Thus, it is a plea to local authorities and school administrators, notably, the school administration board, to illegalize the use of mobile phones among young children in schools.

Negative Effects of the Use of Mobile Phones by Young Children in Schools

A young child in possession of a phone is a disinterested student with an extremely short span off attention in class. According to Jesse Scaccia, a former English teacher in a school, in New York, a student that has a phone cares a lot about the socialization aspects of his life rather than the schoolwork. More often than not, such a student will use the phone for other non-academic purposes rather than concentrate on class work. According to the teacher, she found students writing text messages on several occasions while she was teaching or writing on the board. Some students also use the phones to play games in class, which destructs to the learning process. At the end of the school terms, several students could record low grades in exams, and some could even drop out of school. These poor performances are accredited to the lack of concentration in class, which comes as a result of the use of mobile phones. Students spend most of their times in mobile phones. There is little attention to class work among the students. This deviate the real intention of education. The abuse of social sites like face book can be attributed to this course.

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Many parents argue that allowing their children to carry mobile phones to schools is the most effective way to contact their children in case of any emergency. However, it is a rare phenomenon to find a situation that may genuinely require a parent to call a child. In fact, in case of most emergencies that may occur at schools, the most suitable and appropriate place that a parent may contact is the school’s main office, the nearest hospitals, or the police department. Thus, the argument of parents giving their children mobile phones for emergency purposes may be vague, due to the availability of other relatively appropriate options.

Lastly, mobile phones act as a symbol of status among teenagers. Teenagers tend to make fun of others from the mobile phones that they have, the manner in which the phone rings, and any other feature that the mobile phone may have. Students from middle or low income families tend to have a feeling of discrimination from other students from stable families. This causes a certain degree of depression and stress among such students. When a student lacks a mobile phone of a certain model, other students sideline him, which affects the psychological state of such a student.


The above elements are adequate justification for the need for the school board to put a stop on using mobile phones at school among children. I am writing in reference to the rising negative impacts of the use mobile phones among young school The psychological effects and academic impact of mobile phones among school children supersede the potential benefits. Thus, it is a sincere request to the School board to consider the plight of children from middle and low income families, and put a stop to the use of mobile phones among students in schools.

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