The movie Forrest Gump was created in the year 1994 through an inspiration from a novel, going by the same name. The film portrays respectable actor Tom Hanks as the main character. He is referred to as Forrest Gump. It was directed by the highly regarded Robert Zemeckis. Forest Gump is born in Alabama. The story line shows his life and the way he influences a number of pertinent issues of the 20th century. The paper discusses the film in a critical analysis.  

The concept of the film is realized through how an ordinary person like Forest Grump influences the lives of many people just by telling his own version of life. A straightforward story is always quite strong. This can be attested by how Forest Grump leads many people to follow his ideals. The actor influences the lives of the native people in Alabama. This is by not telling them just to follow their dreams but also giving out his experience as a focus point. In any storytelling session, the most significant factor is gaining majority acceptance. Forest Grump is an ordinary citizen who has a low intelligence quotient. He has a connection to his childhood friend Jenny since the early days of preschool. His mother teaches him about the structures of life but tells him that the choice of fortune is his.

The young Forrest joins the Army for a service time in Vietnam. Due to his diligence in the work, he wins several medals and makes new friends - Dan and Bubba. He also pioneers the development of a prominent shrimp fishing team. Additionally, he inspires people to work out and meets the president. The main issue that affects Gump is the fact that Jenny has destroyed his life. He tries to establish a relationship with her and make a mindset that love is everlasting. It is obvious that the life of a slow intelligent person is not always as that of Gump (Moller, 2011). Therefore, the life of Grump is exceptional as he sheds light on how positive living should be conducted. He tells his story to anyone who cares to listen. This captures the minds and hearts of many people, especially those at the bus stop. He is also there, when many historic occurrences take place.       


The film starts with Gump, sitting at the bus stop. He is telling his story to the woman who is seated next to him. The audience at the bus stop always changes gradually. This is a key aspect in studying the effects of Gump’s stories. The character, played by Hanks, is well portrayed since Gump was meant to come out as an inspirational figure. He displays the character of bravery and patriotism at equal levels. This character is well played by Hanks because he creates that picture that is relevant in the cast. The personality of Forrest is further given an image boost by the person who plays it because the real sense the movie wanted to portray is a character that is of an intellect who is not blessed and overcomes the disability to bring out a citizen who is responsible and progressive (Lee, 2009). The acting is also exceptionally convenient since the casts are physically fit to play their roles. A case example is the part, where Forrest Gump is elected into the college team for his excellent endurance abilities and physique. An additional part is how he participates in the race.    


The cinematography in the film is excellent. The movie has an excellent film roll and film stock. The selection of a film stock is essential in making a decision in a movie. Apart from a movie determination, the film gauge, used in the movie, is 35mm. This gives the movie the characteristic of an epic movie that is professionally made. The movie has several stocks. They are arranged in reversal effect. This varying sensitivity to light and ISO creates a view of minor mistakes and a differing feedback to light. The film has high saturation in terms of the response to color. There is a pure black theme in the film between the over exposure. The gauges are advanced and adjusted. They are additionally used to expand the single frame of the image. However, the gauge remains the same. It has a super 35mm view.

The technical quality in the film is controlled by the superior film gauge to give the appropriate overall film resolution. The techniques that are used in the film laboratory to produce the processed film stock are also exceptionally convenient. This is because they offer a substantial variance in the image that is produced. This aspect was used to bring out a quality film, in which the images of the characters came out clearly. The film employs the use of digital cinematography but does not use the film stock highly (Groom, 2002).

The adjustment of the color provides varying sensitivity in the film.  The image contrast is also perfect, as it brings out the key aspect in analyzing the data that is presented visually and just with audio. The color and diffusion filers are adequately employed to improve the dramatic effects and enhance the general mood of the audience. The photographic filters employ the use of optical glass. The lenses are also attached to the camera in a perceptive that makes it have a positive effect on the focus point. The camera that is used is essential in creating the perspective that is equal to how the eye functions. There is also a lively and fantastic mixture and transition in the focal lengths.  

Directing Impact of Society on the Film and Vice Versa

The film had an enormous impact to the society since it became a blockbuster and there were several ideas and notions that were borrowed by the public. Therefore, in short, the movie inspired many people. To understand how the society influenced the directorship of the film, it is essential to look at the pertinent issues that affected the director in his quest, while coming out with the script. However, it is not the director who created the film’s concepts, but the concept was borrowed from the original book. The society influenced the movie since concepts that were employed were overly gotten from the public domain. The character, played by Hanks, was a creation of ideology in the society during the 20th century. Therefore, the author sought to write a book that would employ all the aspects in the lives of the people (Zemeckis, 1994).


The film has three types of genre. The first one is romance. The romance is brought forth by the undying love that the main character has towards Jenny. This factor affects Forrest even as he sets forth in his adventures of life. This is a touching part, showing that true love can exist no matter what the prevailing condition of the person is. Forrest Gump loves the woman despite the immoral behavior that she has and this proves to be a real factor in determining love. The film is also dramatic. This is shown in the numerous accounts that the main character has with influential people. Dramatic movies revolve around social features. In this film, the dominant social feature is the ability. It is surprising how an ordinary person with physical and mental behavior can do exceedingly many things in life and stand out as one of the best. The movie is also comical, as there are elements of comedy that are spread all over the film (Groom, 2002).     

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Approach to Analysis and Interpretation

Forrest Gump is one of the most stirring people in the world. Although he is a fictional character, he is praised in the film industry for the part he plays in the making an inspirational movie. He represents the way modern people deal with problems. Many people identify themselves with situations. He is an inspiring figure, as he teaches people how to handle situations in life. Forrest has three distinct features that separate him from many people. One of the key features is that he is honest. The honesty is essential since he is open-minded and tells people that he is suffering from that disease. He is not shy to relate with people. The other quality is that he is compassionate. This factor is evident through his love for Jenny. The last factor that separates Forrest from other people is integrity. It is hard to find a person who is intellectual like Forrest who is suffering from such sickness (Lee, 2009).  He even went ahead to support Bubba’s family long after he died. Running is a trademark of Gump. This is a compelling factor, considering his physical fitness. He had a lot of integrity in life. This significant factor made him succeed. Forrest quotes Bulwer-Lytton and says that a healthy heart is better than all the brain the world can offer. This is an inspiring quote, which gives out the impression that people must love before they put other businesses in front of their lifeline.


Forrest Gump

This is the chief character in the film. The part is played by Tom Hanks. He is an ordinary man who is born in Greenbow and he manages to join the elementary school despite his learning disabilities (Moller, 2011). The whole film mainly unfolds because of him.

Mrs. Gump

This part is played by Sally Field. She is Forrest’s mother and is the one who is responsible for the character that Gump has (Zemeckis, 1994).

Jenny Curran

This part is played by Robin Wright. She is the girl that Gump falls in love with (Groom, 2002).

Benjamin Buford Blue (Bubba)

This is the best friend to Forrest Gump. It is played by Mykelti Williamson. They meet during a local training.  Both join the forces (Lee, 2009).  Forrest upholds the promise and he tells Bubba about starting a shrimp company.

Dan Taylor

He is the lieutenant who coaches Gump in Vietnam. It is played by Gary Sinise (Moller, 2011).

Stylistic Devices

The main character in the film, Gump, employs several figures of speech in the movie. The main character employs metaphors, when he is narrating his story to the people on the stage. He does not literally mean some things but uses the style of language to bring out a lasting consequence in the minds of the people. There is also the employment of synecdoche to bring out a lasting effect in the literary styles. It should be noted that the stylistic devices that are employed in the literature are always added and essential in the shooting of a movie. Forrest Gump is a character that needs to be played by someone who has a vast knowledge about the world in the 20th century.

Therefore, the main actor brings out this part with the use of stylistic devices that are significant in the creation of a film. There is the personification of various words to bring out literary device. The main concepts in the film are bringing out an understanding that is forged by the use of words and characters. The use of apostrophe means addressing people who are not present. The main character, occasionally, addresses Jenny in his talks even if he cannot seem to get her in his view. The name Forrest Grump, if it is looked on keenly, seems to have some symbolic meaning. This, in stylistic devices, is called the charactonym. The character himself is a symbol as he shows through actions how a person can transform his or her deeds to produce the best results in life. The characters in the film also have a hidden meaning. This is termed as allegory.

The main character part is a hidden symbol itself. He offers a part, in which a person can see the future being made bright by an idea and determination, rather than mere thought. The use of imagery is also relevant in the film since the director tries to bring out a character that is hidden, yet public. This gives the viewer a chance to decipher details by looking keenly at ideas, so that he/she can be in a position to understand the film better (Zemeckis, 1994). There is a motif in the film since the character repeats several words in the film, trying to create a cliché and an image that lasts for a long time in the mind of the viewer. Forrest’s character is a paradox since it depicts two different lives that are merged into one.        

Themes in the Film

The character is in a parallel world.  He encounters many influential people. One of them is Elvis Presley. He also finds himself involved in the Vietnam War.  This factor contributes to the setting of the theme. The emergent theme is that of tolerance and equality. The respect that the main character gives to the young woman at the station, when he offers her a box of chocolate, is unusually in the modern day world. The woman tries to ignore him and shakes her head. However, Gump continues to narrate his story to her. This shows that he was an extremely patient man. The theme is outstanding. He goes on to relate the lessons that his mother taught him in life. She told him that a box of chocolate is as life and people should be attached to them. He also talks about the shoe theory. The woman becomes keen and looks at Gump, this shows that he has her attention. It is invariably to deduce that the mindset of Gump is not fixed. This is a constant question in the book, is Gump stupid or does he pretend to be? Forrest also wears braces in his feet to prevent a spine injury. This physical disability is taking a toll in his life. He does not seem to care. This sets out the theme of determination. The character also loves to take care of the people that he meets with. He longs for the love of Jenny (Groom, 2002).        


In conclusion, the movie Forrest Gump is an exciting and inspirational one to watch. The movie employs elements of modern day movie making and aspects of comedy. Some stylistic devices are used to bring out the overall efficiency of the film. The character faces hard life to become one of the best people that the county has ever offered. Therefore, this film is a must watch if a person is wishing to employ ideas that are visionary in life.

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