Who would have ever thought that one day they will hear that their beloved little country girl decided to become a mechanic in the United States Army. Leave alone, obtain a degree in child psychology! She is now a busy mother, who is doing her best to make sure her family has the tools they need to succeed and be happy in the future.
On June 20, 1984, at 1.13 P.M a little girl was born. Her weight was six pounds, four ounces and only twenty inches long. She was so tiny and was spoiled by everyone around her. She grew up with the best life could offer and had everything she ever wanted at her fingertips. That was so, until the day she had her first child. She decided that she would give her children a life better than the one she had. She met her husband in the winter of two thousand, three months later they got married and began their life together.
In January 2010, Brandy decided to step up her list of achievements and take over supporting the family for a while. She enlisted into the United States Army as a Generator Repair Mechanic. Her husband left the Navy in June the same year and began to pursue his degree to become an officer. This encouraged her to do her part in helping him and herself. She enrolled herself in class right next to him. It has been five years now, she has three children, active duty in the army and she is a full-time student,  a loving mother and a wife. Life could not get much better, she has truly been blessed.  
Life is what we make it. Whenever there is a free time, she and her family gather together, they love to sing and dance. This makes them happy family. Life has not slowed down and she loves every second of it. This Texas mother knows home where any manual labour is appreciated from the bottom of the heart.

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