Harley Davidson deals with the marketing of motorcycles whose products are one of the most distinguished brands in the United States. The company has prevailed in the market for more than one century and there has been a need for minimal advertisements of the products of the company. This is as a result of the efforts of the company in the cultivation of a community sense among the owners of the company to an extent that the brand is self marketing on a practical perspective. The owners group has a restriction to the group’s ownership and they have initiated the rituals as well as the traditions of Harley Davidson through the use of visual interactivity. This has been a very important aspect of the success of the company (Kotler, 2001).

SWOT analysis is a very important feature for the sake of strategic planning in Harley Davidson. This is based on the evaluation of the strength, the weaknesses, the opportunities as well as the threats that face the company. The objectives of the business are clearly specified in consideration of the identification of the internal as well as the external factors that may be favorable as well as unfavorable in the achievement of the objectives (Kotler, 2001).

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The goals that are desired are primarily identified and this is incorporated in to the mode4l of strategic planning. The strengths involves the determination the attributes that atre resourceful ij the achievement of the stated objectives. The weaknesses relates to the attributes that cause harm to the company. The opportunities relate to the external conditions the facilitate the achievement of the objectives. The treats refer to the conditions that may damage the policy of the company. They are all taken in combination in the process of strategic planning in the company (Kotler, 2001).

Much of the strength of the company is based on the encouragement of the members in sharing the experiences of their brand and the creation of the H-D museum. The fans of the company are empowered in planning of trips through the use of the website of the company. They are also in a position of making the accommodations of travel, renting of motor bicycles, planning for their routes of travel and the creation of an online virtual community (Kotler, 2001). The website of the company facilitates for the participation of the enthusiasts in the experience of the brand even in case of a geographical barrier with regard to their motor bicycles.

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