Most customers like purchasing goods from a variety products and this always applies to low cost consumable goods that are always sent to the vendor through written request. Having several stations for selling these products provide the customers with an opportunity to have markets at their own disposal, while those who are not lucky to have markets at their own disposal always make orders(Durham,2006). Most of the low cost consumable goods are food products sold from bulk vending machines others include non food stuffs for example jewelry, toys, Bouncy ball among others.

The vending machine comes with its own advantage since it enables the consumers to order high cost goods such as mobile phones and other special handsets. Several vendors always develop a systematic type of product for their costumers this is done in order to meet the customer’s needs. The consumer products especially low volume products in low volume products the manufucture can dedicate several line of product which gives wide rage of consumer products to choose from 

There are several alternative machines through which vendors can make choices from. It is noted that the criteria and eventual process of choosing the machine is important in that it has a direct influence on the sales of various commodities as well, the duration and the amount of time spent when the machines are being serviced and the sets of considerations that are put in place when citing the machine which inturn influences the volume of profits generated by the business. The point is that just like the value of any fixed asset depreciate, so is the vendoring machine.                      

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There are several different types of the vendoring machines in the market so the question remains the best in market (Krug, 2003). This choice is based on location. There exists the first category of the machines that finds its use in shopping malls and in other settings where the customers may not be familiar with this type of machine. Their manufacturers advocate for the machine with two heads in most areas where there is little congestion as well as that of four stands for those areas with a lot of congestion. The most commonly available type of machine available in the market is the machine where the heads are separated.This type of arrangement is key in the marketing since it provides a greater opportunity for the goods to be easily identified by the clients while on display.

The idea is that the well displayed products easily catch the eyes of the customers a key strategy employed in marketing. Yet another type is that commonly referred to as the triple machines which in commonly used in formal settings like office work where the customers who are targeted are basically grown ups who do not require any special consideration(Krug, 2003). The advantage of this type of machine of those of separate heads is that they can be serviced with ease in case of breakages. The only disadvantage of this type of machine other than cost is that the angles are so fixed that there is reduced view options from the clients (Durham, 2006).

It is the willingness and the availability of customers which is the key determinant in the determination of the types of products or goods to be displayed in a given location. The point is that toys are regarded to do well when it comes to those areas with children. So are the purchases of candies. It is not possible for a businessman to tell which types of products will sell or do well in a given area until the product is introduced into the market for research purposes

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