Hollywood, a district found in Los Angeles, California, United States, has its fame and traditional identification as the historical point of movie studio and movie stars. Focusing on moguls and movie stars adequately tells the story of Hollywood. Hollywood is habitually used as the metonym of American cinema, giving Hollywood fame in the movie industry.

The pioneers of movie in Los Angeles date from as far as 1900s when Fred J. Balshofer, Colonel William, and the Biograph Company all independently established movie-related companies in Los Angeles. With Colonel Williams’ movie pictures company, the famous stars like Tom Santschi, Hobart Bosworth, William Farnum, and Robert Leonard among others became popular. The stars gave Los Angeles a lot of fame until the death of Francis Boggs, a top director of the company, in 1910. 

There is no actual record as to who was the first to photograph a movie scene in Hollywood. Dave Horsley, however, has the distinction of being the first to establish a studio when he took over a former tavern on the corner of sunset Boulevard and Gower Street in the fall of 1911. From the times of Dave Horsley, the audience throughout the country began to have interest in the company build by Horsley. People would come from all over the country just to get pictures of the famous horse, Snowball. From there, Hollywood began rising in fame. Movie companies shifted to Hollywood and opened up doors for others to explore the industry in Hollywood.

In those early days, the citizens of Hollywood were contemptuous of the infant industry. The citizens went to the movie theaters about twice per week. Living quiet lives, they never knew what awaited the future of their cool Hollywood premise. The moguls prompted the movies and movie stars that would make history in Hollywood. Then the movie studios and companies were built. Hollywood grew to become famous and respected due to its movie-related history. Today, you cannot mention a movie without having Hollywood at the back of your mind.

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