I am very thankful for my parents who have struggled to plan my higher education through CollegeInvest 529 College Savings Plan. They demonstrate their love and need to make my future bright because as we know, “education is the greatest inheritance a parent can give his child.” Unfortunately my parents’ savings do not cover the high cost for my education.

As a sign of appreciation for their dedication, I want to reward my parents through a good performance in college, a fact that solely depends on the scholarship. Consequently, all my dreams concerning studying will only come true with a help of this scholarship. It is great to feel that my parents’ attempts to invest in my education are not in vain. I am sure that if I get the scholarship and ability to study further they will be even happier than me!

Currently, I am a college junior majoring in Business Administration with Finance and Economics Concentrations. I am focused on achieving good grades in future as I am a self-driven industrious person able to carry out duties without being supervised. Additionally, the struggle has made me stronger, and it is known that society needs people who can survive in any hard situation. Accordingly, I am mapping a dilettante path to help in the growth of my family and community. I have an intention of pursuing my education to the highest level even though I am in the middle of a financial crisis. The scholarship will help me to reveal all my skills and intentions during the studying and become an important and useful member of the society.

One of my plans is to become a renowned and enthusiast economist and make my own contribution to the development of economics. As an economist, I hope to contribute in stabilizing the country’s economy as well as in developing of my own community. I want to motivate everyone from low or middle class to set the life goals and try to achieve them despite the financial obstacles and become a good example for them. Quitting school is the most disastrous option me as it will leave me without a chance to prove that I can become a significant person and, moreover, my dream to bring something special in this world may die.

All in all, I will be very grateful to be considered for this scholarship and I promise to do my best and use this chance of making my educational dream come true. Your support means a fortune for me. Even though there is such an option like work for students to pay for educational needs, I think it influences negatively on grades. I would not like to turn down my dreams and neglect the hard work and attempts of my parents but rather to become a winner and get a chance to live my life decently. At this stage of my life, the most important thing is to gain a progress in my education and start the way to a big success. As a Colorado resident, I cordially request for your help in pursuing my goals as I work hard and strive for excellence.

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