Importance of good organization is obvious and significant, because we would better trust the organized and self-certain people, than an anxious and uncertain one. Organization of speech can be made of special patterns of speech organization. But there is one simple way if there is lack of time. It is important to clear up the introduction, middle part of the speech and the conclusion. One must keep in mind that the most informative message should be put in the first and the last part of the speech. It will make the speech credible and truthworthy. The minds of the audience tend to trust those, who are calm and show no fear. Thus, when the speaker is anxious, the minds of the audience immediately cast the thought that he is a liar and his information is unfaithful. So, if the speaker intended to make information fall on deaf ears, he can pass the step of making the speech organized.

In many ways, credibility depends on the attitude of the speaker towards the information that is spoken by him. So, the visual image of the speaker and peace of mind make the speech more credible. There is one way to achieve it: it is organization of the speaker and feeling of certainty that the speech is well-organized. It always works both with a small audience, and with crowded halls. It is because the people tend to listen to the authoritative one, who shows his confidence.

What is the cause of nerves or anxiety considering the work with the audience? At first it is lost of visual contact with the audience. It is so, when the audience is not interested in some information that is given. When the speaker delivers a speech he watches the eyes of the audience. When the people begin to make their own business or to converse with each other it gives rise to the anxiety and fear. In order to avoid it, speaker can organize his speech and deliver information in the peaks of the people’s attention. It is the beginning of the speech and the ending. In these two points of time the attention of the listeners reaches the highest level. 

Our speech will be dynamic if we just refuse the monotonous talking and turn to the slides, PPT presentations some other visual aid and so on. It always attracts the attention of the audience. Not always information that we are to speak is interesting and exciting, so our task is to organize the speech in such a way, so the most of uninteresting message remains in the body (middle) of the speech.

When we deal with messages of delivery style, we always know towards which audience we address. So our task, if we want to make our speech effective, is to say exactly what they want to hear. And the second task is to figure out how we can get our message across it. We also must consider what information would be easy to take in.

It depends on the kind of information; when we deal with some calculations or schemes, there is no need to explain it as simply as possible without any graphical supplement. Nowadays we have a lot of technologies, so there is no need in delivering information only verbally (using only words), we can also present some additional visual information. Even if our task is to present particular textual information, for example, about the special Australian tribes, we can add some photo material of their way of life and so on. It will attract attention to our message, hence, it can make our speech more successful.

I came across one delivery method that is recommended for those, who fear the public presentations. When you are anxious you begin to shiver, so in order to avoid it you can hold a rostrum or table with your hands in order to make your anxiety less noticeable, and the feeling of fear may disappear. It is the simplest method of alleviation of anxiety and fear; yet, there are many more of them. Among them are: good organization of speech, presentations, repetition of the key statements in the very beginning of the speech and in the end, visual aids and so on.

There are many ways of applying these methods in our speaking. It is advisable to know them, since we often face some situations when we are to present information in front of an audience, e.g. defense of a graduation project, or just answering the questions in the class. Our target audience is the members of our institutions or workmates, so our task is to convince them of our competence in a discussed question and to present it without any signs of anxiety.

We can use a variety of skills in order to be convincible and faithful. It doesn’t matter, whether we deal with the first interview to the preferred profession or the defense of the thesis. It is our business to make our speech well-organized and certain. We can apply skills of the good speech in all our day activities, so when we ask our boss for a higher salary, we can use the skills of persuasion. We have to convince our boss that we deserve a higher salary. In our world of communication and information such skills will help us to earn our living. 

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