The splendid pictures on your website showing wonderful beaches and a dreamy ambience suggest that Mandalay Resort could be a superb location for’s 5 day staff retreat. Our company is seeking to hold a conference during either of these two periods: July 18-22 and August 4-8, 2012. Accordingly, we would like your company to furnish us with the following information concerning availability of accommodation and related services:

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  • Rooms-The Company seeks to host a total of 75 engineers, product managers, and sales people, accompanied by their families. Therefore, we require at least 75 rooms during the relevant period. In addition, we shall require about three conference rooms to be used for one and half days. The CEO would also like to host a banquet in one of the evenings during our stay at the resort. The banquet will be for about 140 people and we would like to know whether your resort can provide us with all the facilities required for the feast.
  • Rates-We would like you to supply us with information concerning the rates you will be charging for accommodation during the stated two periods as well as the rates for conference facilities. Inform us also on the total cost that you will charge for hosting the banquet. Since the two periods provided are off-peak, will you have special rates at these times?
  • Meals-Provide us with information on how much you will charge per person for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also for snacks and drinks provided in your resort. Include also the menu of foods you provide and any other important information regarding your catering services.
  • Entertainment-The staff that our company will be hosting will come along with their families. We would wish to know the forms of entertainment that your resort will be able to offer including facilities for children such as bouncing castles and roller coaster rides. We also wish to know whether you offer fitness related facilities such as swimming pools and gym facilities.

We would be very glad if you could provide us with the above information promptly so that we can decide on whether we shall make a reservation with you. If we choose your resort, we are going to pay you half of the total bill for the conference in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you and in case of any question or clarification, you are welcome to contact us through the phone number listed below.

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