The Roman Army really had several and significant roles in creating stability in Britain and peace building in the country. Noting that the country and regional peace was an integral part of development, the Army played an active role in making sure that they achieved the intended objective of defeating the invaders (Hobbs, & Jackson, 2010, p. 58). Through peace building, the army helped in improving the regional integration, increase in interaction among the people and promoted trade. Consequently, the country was able to make meaningful progress in its development activities, such as building road networks and housing (Mattingly, 2008, p 245).  

Other than peace and stability, the army was also employed to construct and later maintain roads and buildings in the country, thereby contributing to the general infrastructure and economic development of the country (Hobbs & Jackson, 2010, p. 137). Prior to the involvement of the Roman Army, the then legionary soldiers were responsible for articulating such construction activities (Millett, 1992, p. 41). In fact, the army contributed a lot to the development of road infrastructure, across most regions in Britain.

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Notably, most of the army activities were mainly located close to the frontiers, basically in the West and North of Britain. In fact, these areas had some information showing earlier invasion (Mattingly, 2008, p. 260). Therefore, the involvement of the army became necessary in the area that was facing threats of increased invasion.

Moreover, the Army officers were involved in organizing and carrying out the actual supply of the equipment used to counter the invasion (Millett, 1992, p. 74). Since the army had better and sophisticated weapons, they were at a position of suppressing unprecedented uprising. As well, they supplied the construction materials to the areas and specific sites where the items were needed (Millett, 1992, p. 102). In essence, this made transportation of such materials and subsequent construction in the areas of need to be very easy. 

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