1. Type in "Yangshuo". When you see the river, click on the dots that represent photographs. What type of hills are these? What type of River formation? What are the weather and latitudinal patterns that contribute to this type of formation?

The Yangshuo has moon hills with great karst formations and landscapes. River Yangshuo has a youthful formation with steep slopes producing interlocking spurs. The weather pattern of the Yangshuo region is characterized by cool and wet weather pattern with epic intermittent foggy storms at a low-latitudinal pattern of 24 degrees and 46’, which influence its distinguishable formation.

2.Type in "Mississippi River", and then pull out a bit to see a larger area of river. How does this location differ from the first location? Why do you see Ox Bow Lakes here, but not at Yangshuo? What other types of formations can you see in the surrounding area? What does this tell you about this area?

The Mississippi river is definitely of an old formation. The old formation is characterized by slow drainage and very low latitude pattern leading to deposits hence formation of ox-bow lakes. This area has Ox-Bow lakes because it is at its old stage, which has a slow drainage speed and deposits it load near its mouth. Apart form the Ox-Bow lake formations, there is a watershed and delta formation through which the river pours into the ocean. This kind of formation and geographical patterns suggests that the area in a low latitude patterns with a hard resistant rock surface. In addition, it suggests a uniform rock structure as well.

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1.Type in "Goosenecks of the San Juan River". Look at both the terrain and satellite photos. What type of river course is evident from this view from Google Earth? What is the cause of this type of flow and formation? What type of time frame are we discussing when looking at this formation? How is this type of river related to one of the other questions on this worksheet?

The view of San Juan river from Google earth gives a layout of the river’s rejuvenated course. It has a formation commonly knowns as old stage. This kind of flow and formation is depicted by features such as meanders and canyons. This kind of formation is characteristic of a rejuvenated time frame. This type of river is related to other questions in that, it handles river formations and consequent features as well as, drainage pattern. In fact, the river course is the most related aspect given that every river discussed has a unique epic course.

3.Type in "Niagara Falls, New York" and get very close to see the formation of the waterfalls. Which direction is the falls receding? What causes this type of mammoth waterfall, and why does it occur at this location? What is the progression associated with this type of river formation?

The Niagara Falls have a series of cataracts in its formation, which are receding towards the forward direction as the approaches the ocean. This kind of formation is usually caused by rejuvenated river cause which erodes its floor. However, the rock structure is also a determinant factor since it has to be a less-resistant rock structure for rerosion to occur. The waterfall occurs at this location since the rivers erosive power is maximum at this point. A rejuvenated river course is the progression associated with this kind of formation.

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