I have dreamt to become a military officer since my childhood. I loved being a member of the armed forces ever since my school days started and everything I did in school I did specially for achieving my dreams adulthood. The first reason that inspired me to become a military officer was different movies about soldier’s lives and their battles with enemies. This  have laid the basic foundation for my future career as a military officer. My second reason for loving military work is the call of duty, because of the terrorism died my close friend. My urge to revenge is involved in criminal activities that disturb the peace that is why existence of mankind helped me to choose my career as a military office. Finally, the need to protect my country from enemies also played role in my choice of career.

 There are many expectations towards me as a military officer. First the society expects me to maintain high level of discipline. I am supposed to be self controlled,  I have to respect all member of the society and using my power as a military officer I have to protect  the peace and security of all citizens. Secondly, I am expected to follow law every day. It will be rude of me to engage myself with criminal activists as I’m a member of the armed forces. My direct duties as a military officer to build good relationships with the members of the society and to conquer the trust of those important people.

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The following thing that people expect of me is responsibility. First of all I have to protect my country from enemies. In case of war I’ll have to go immediately to the front in order to protect the honour of my mother land. I have to run a risk of my country for its own sake. Secondly, I am expected to act as a driver in my military work and finally, I opt to act as an interpreter in the military school. I have to transport various member of the military composition to their destination/ areas of service when I get such an order from my superior. I’m responsible to obey orders from my authority. Military career of the officer is one of my greatest achievements in life. This is the profession that I will do the best to serve to my country. The dreams that I had really influenced my decision to join troops and those dreams will always act as a motivation in my further career.

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