Network security is not an easy subject and has been known to be handled by experts with good training and a considerable experience. However, as time goes by, more and more people have become users of computers and the internet. This necessitates basic network security knowledge to all users. A computer network can be said to be a system of linked computers. They could be connected using several ways like the internet among others. However, how computers are interconnected is immaterial. Given the fact that the world is embracing the internet and computer networking to improve communication, corporations should also consider the risks associated with this technology. It is imperative to note that some experts are using the modern technology destructively. In this regard, companies’ network systems are being hacked at an unbearably high rate. This has contributed to many companies losing crucial information, data and even business (Morris, 1985).

Additionally, companies have faced terrible losses arising from both internal and external network security breaches. Internal network security threats arise from people with official authorization to the organizational computers and networks. These people may include employees, freelances, contractors and hired technicians who take the advantage of the freedom and accessibility to defraud the organization or maliciously cause damage to the systems. On the other hand, external network security threats are caused by outsiders to the organization; people who have no relationship with the organization at all. This happens when such people are able to access an organization’s systems through hacking or use of the network dialups (Holbrook & Reynolds).

Organizations should guarantee that their systems are secure from external attacks by ensuring that they are frequently maintained and updated to eliminate all security loop holes. Furthermore, companies should not spare any expense in the maintenance and strengthening of its systems given the potential of the risk. Managers should also screen all the personnel carefully, inclusive of hired contractors and consultants, before they are given access to the organization’s data bases and systems to ensure that they are not dealing with people who have kept a record of internet crimes. These screens should not only be checked once but frequently if the threat of internal attacks is to be substantially diminished.

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Additionally, an organization should put in place the relevant policies to curb the risk. Failure to have such policies or having policies that do not restrict employees’ accessibility of the network services multiplies the risk of both internal and external threats to network security. This is because even outsiders could reach to the employees and using several ways, manipulate them to the detriment of the organization. However, if an organization instills the necessary security procedures that are tight enough, it helps improve even physical security of its employees.

The organization should also consider the type and extend of the connection. Companies that have chosen not to connect their systems to the internet are far much safer from hacker than the rest. The same could be applied to modem dial-ins. However, nobody wants to go the old fashioned way in this digital world. Therefore, given the trade-off between connectivity and risk, the management should be able to adopt the most optimum level of connectivity that would not put the company into an unnecessary susceptibility to threats.

The network architecture also should be checked regularly and improved where possible. Networks that are enabled with traffic screening among other security barriers are safer from both internal and external attacks. Multiple entry points in a network create a good environment for hackers. New and modern methods have also been used to manage networks like system intrusion detection capabilities. This requires careful investigation of all the data, provided to detect any intrusions. Such intruders should be disconnected to the system the moment they are detected before they harm the organizations systems. These threats do not mean that organizations should not take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the computer networking. However, organizations should employ considerable resources to mitigate the risks.

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