Cheating is a term that is used in different contexts of life situations. Its definition ranges from one place or one instance to the other according to what was done, but the baseline is that it means to defraud or swindle especially when it is on issues of inheritance; to deceive or influence by fraud when it is done to view a person; to be a hero when in actual fact he is the opposite of that; to elude or deprive, like when one may commit suicide to run away from the hand of the law; to violate regulations and the laws when it is the issue of cards or during an exam when one has improper access to the answers meaning that the person is cheating by being dishonest; being sexually unfaithful to a spouse. Such people who practice these are called cheats, liars or even impostors.

There are feelings associated with cheating, no matter whether it is a man or a woman, the emotions that are related to cheating grip them. There is a feeling of guilt that so much comes when one feels that he or she should not have done what he or she did. One becomes haunted by the fact that it already happened and may be noticed or it may cause harm now, or it may have brought other complications. Also, there is a feeling of pain that occurs especially when one’s actions to his loved one (taking an example of a marriage partner) have caused him/her to suffer. It is like getting infected with AIDS from being unfaithful and infecting your spouse with it, whereas she has remained very faithful and loyal to you.

There is also depression, which comes as regret to actions that were not supposed to happen. An example is when one takes a shortcut to do something that would have benefited him or her so much if it succeeded, but it fails and all hope is gone to ever reaching that position again. There is a low self-esteem, a feeling that makes one not to accept oneself especially when whatever you do is something that keeps repeating and one fails to have control over it.

Anger is also another feeling. This leads to bitterness and may cause harm to one and to others. It comes from making the wrong choices in life like cheating and then the outcomes turn to be the opposite of what was expected. This is also accompanied by shock (sometimes) with the unexpected results or result of cheating which indulges one in great danger, or plunges one to things like poverty after great riches. Finally, sometimes there is a feeling of confusion. This comes with tension of what will happen next after the cheating. Whether the person will be able to withstand cheating again or even regret why it had to happen that way are some of the things that linger in one’s mind.

The term cheat evolved in the mid-15th century when an incident where the rights of a person had been overlooked, there was unfair distribution of property. It evolved through confiscate. Sexual unfaithfulness was first recorded in the 1930s.

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Let us take an example of a person who is married and has two kids, he had grown fond of his family which stood with him in the times when he had been retrenched and was doing odd jobs. He had saved enough money for him to begin importing materials from abroad that he would use to sell to tailors. In the process of travelling, he met this lady who was promising heaven and a place where he could get cheaper materials. Later, the man got so close to her and they ended up becoming intimate once in a while without the wife knowing. A time came that this lady was no longer meeting him and she was nowhere to be seen. There were rumors that she was murdered sometimes ago by a guy who had apparently contracted HIV from her and had just realized this when his wife gave birth, whereas the wife had proved to be faithful. It is this that really depressed him. He did not know where to begin for he had already given the deceased all the money he had to get the materials for him, and he could not trace them now. Again, his cheating on the wife was another issue that filled him with guilt. His wife could also be sick whereas she had been very loyal and faithful to him throughout the hardship period and had taken care of their kids even when he was not around.

There are many reasons why there is cheating in our families. This ranges from personal factors to factors that are implied. Cheating comes about due to one of the couple not being satisfied with the marriage. He or she does not get his or her expectations and therefore moves out to satisfy him or herself. Cheating can also come about due to historical factors when a party has had a system of living such a way that even after marriage; he is not able to distance himself from the past and therefore lacks that control. In addition to this, the cheating comes about due to major conflicts in the family and therefore the parties have to seek comfort and fulfillment in the places where they are appreciated, and they end up away from their families.

Cheating comes due to separation either working or in other places which makes the parties to be far from each other, and the end result is that the parties cannot be able to stand the pressure of having to remain apart from each other. The failure to have the family attachment makes the family drift apart gradually. Another major reason why the families break due to cheating is because there is a lack of consistency of character as far as the parties are concerned. An example of this is when the wife may not be able to keep the same cleanliness as it was when the parties were getting married. This makes the man to move out to seek those who are well maintained and clean. Cheating also comes from the parties suspecting one another and not solving their suspicions in the right avenue. This leads them to have it as payback on each other in ways that will harm their marriage.

The effects of cheating include breaking marriages when the families are not able to withstand the pressure from both parties. The families’ break-ups happen when there are many wrangles in the families that also bring quarrels and fights. Cheating also leads to contraction of diseases as the sexual encounters are at times done without protection, and therefore the sexually transmitted diseases are contracted. This has had the effect of rendering many children orphans. In the same fashion, this leads to failure to achieve their dreams in life as they cannot continue with their education. Cheating also leads to continued mistrust among the families and complete destruction of the family foundations.

Cheating does not always lead to negative effects as it sometimes helps the person to achieve something that he would not have achieved if he had not gone that route. Cheating is evil, but sometimes it helps one to get things that were otherwise impossible or gets one out of a fix.

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