The interviewers will be Under Armour, a sports clothing company, Carl’s Jr., a fast food restaurant and AmeriCandy, a candy business. Each of the businesses has three marketing opportunities to explore. Under Amour has a larger opportunity in the market. This market is full of older people and children. It also needs to add a new product line that caters for the sports equipment. Another opportunity cost is in lowering the prices of the products even it is with a small percentage. The AmeriCandy has an opportunity in the presentation of the products. Additionally, there is an opportunity cost in product packaging. The other opportunity lies in the development of new products. Carl’s Jr. is a fast-food restaurant that mainly deals with burgers. The organization has a business opportunity in its expansion. It also has another opportunity in the way it packages its products. Finally, it has a business opportunity in developing new products.

Under Amour highly dwells on the young and the Middle aged people who are mostly active in the sports arena. Although this is an enormous market, there is another large market in children and the older generation. Advertising their products by engaging these two groups will attract another market segment that companies constantly forget (Posner, 2011). This is a low-hanging fruit as the organization can easily accomplish this. The repackaging of products is another low-hanging fruit. Repackaging will decrease the costs of the products and thus decrease the prices. Adding a new product (sporting equipment/facilities) is a home run. This is because it is riskier to add a new product line and it is more expensive. However, it will create a one-stop shop environment for all items needed in the sporting activities.

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Candies and chocolates have a negative health effect as put forth by the health professionals due to their effect on teeth and the amount of calories they contain. Representing the candies and chocolates as products that can be consumes at all times distracts the consumers from the negative display made by other groups. This is a single as it will only include advertising the products using a different perspective. Packaging the products to suite the young and the old is essential (Lindgreen & Hingley, 2009). This is a low-hanging fruit as it is less risky than other measures taken. The organization only needs to make a few adjustments in the packaging. The development of a new product line is a home run. Consumers like to try out new things especially products that are edible. However, it is riskier than other strategies because it involves an introduction of new products.

Like the candy business, the representation of the fast-food business is wrong due to its effects on health. The representation of products is crucial. This is a single. Adding more vegetables to a burger and reducing the carbohydrate content in it will save costs and present the burger as a healthy food. Another opportunity lies in the packaging of the products. Although packaging and food representation seem similar, they are diverse as food packaging may include adding other foods in a given order. These additions may be small, but they play a role in attracting customers. This is a low-hanging fruit. Adding a new product line is a riskier but it keeps the customers interested. This is a home run.

Repackaging a product is cheaper. However, it may fail to yield the needed results. Adding a new product line is expensive. However, the results are extremely rewarding. Representation of the products is the cheapest way of attracting new customers. However, it may fail to attract the targeted customers (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network., & Consumers Union, 2005). Targeting a new market segment is another cheaper way of attracting new customers. Nevertheless, it is not a guaranteed way of reaching the targeted number. All organizations should represent their products differently as they have all been wrongfully represented in the market. This strategy is effective and cheap.

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