Initially music seemed to me a rather simple phenomenon that could be easily explained. It never came to my mind that music entails as much as I have learned through the course of my study. I reckoned that music was a profession of passion and only those passionate with it were in a position of undertaking such a career option and taking it to its greatest heights. Little did I know that music is a process that requires dedication, confidence, and resilience.

Moreover, I found out that music a person listens to influences him/her in different personal aspects including behavior, mind, lifestyle, and mood among others. In addition, people’s manner of dressing, hairstyle and appearance in general is also defined by music. The different categories and subcultures existing in the society also come as a result of various types of music. A number of arguments have been launched concerning how different personal aspects, such as behavior, mood, lifestyle and mind, are influenced by music.

My passion and interest in music helped me study properly during discussions and lectures. I learned from other students’ ideas about the role music played in society. During the discussions I was an active listener and communicator, since I fully engaged in preparations as well as took responsibility in ensuring that the discussions and presentations were interesting and useful. I must acknowledge I am a good listener and communicator. Furthermore, writing responses and generating questions helped me greatly in reading and in improving my writing and editing skills.

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During presentation I learnt that for an effective and efficient presentation to take place one should establish good performer-audience relationship. In addition, music dominates the conversation of individuals as well as it is a source of ambience during social gatherings and events. In most cases, the music’s lyrics, as well as style, give a definition of an individual or group of people they associate themselves with. In addition, music defines the group to which individuals belong. The personalities and performers that are present in the music industry in most cases act as role models. They are treated as role models by a number of individuals in terms of their behavior as well as their personalities in reference to their musical lyrics. People tend to imitate their idols, especially in the way celebrities act in public and how they dress for their fans. Normally, the young people try to copy the type of dressing their favorite musicians wear and their manners.

The understanding I have gained through my study of music as a unit changed my beliefs in a number of ways. I found out that music deals with ones craving to share ones adore of the song with the audience. This involves having talent to present the song in an interesting and stimulating way, and it requires certain facility and skills to engage audience in the process of enjoying the song. In addition, it grants the composer with the capacity to expound the song plainly, as the song should be clear and easily understandable. This depicts the artist’s respect and concern for audience, thus performers are obliged to champion independence. Art of music should be improved and adapted to new demands and listeners’ preferences.

In conclusion, the power of music cannot be neglected by anybody. Its power is so immense that it can even influence the whole society. Music has the power to enhance a person’s mood, to lift his or her spirit, to affect the spiritual, physical and emotional state. Throughout history, people believed in the influence of music on listeners.  

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