I have written the following justification plan of a service for Vodafone group plc, the leading telecommunications company in 2011. It is about the adoption of a service that can be most beneficial to its consumers. The proposed service is Mobile Money Transfer (MMT). MMT would help the consumer to electronically send and receive money on a mobile phone Vodafone is experiencing stiff competition from other existing companies in the telecommunications industry. This is because they do not have a unique service or product. Therefore, MMT can solve this problem. For this reason, the main audience for the essay is the leaders of Vodafone. They are a group of twelve members to whom this essay is dedicated. This is because they are the only ones with the power to make decisions concerning the plan.

MMT serves to solve two main problems. One is the problem of competition for Vodafone Company. The service shall put away the competitors since it shall be a show of creativity. The other problem that MMT solves is the money inconveniences for Vodafone customers, as well as other people. In the past, money transfers have been a bit hectic for consumers. In places where consumers urgently need money, its retrieval has always proved tiresome. This is because they have to put up with long queues in banks just to deposit or withdraw small amounts of money. It shall solve this problem once and for all. Along with this, it shall earn Vodafone extra profits for being the company that introduces the service (Hughes 2007).

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The sources for the information can be scarce. However, this does not mean that the sources are unavailable. I will base my research on the few companies that have already implemented the service. These are mainly countries in East Africa. Therefore, I will use the libraries and websites of these companies to conduct my research. I shall also base my research from the findings of other people in the internet.  Therefore, the internet shall be another vital source of information for the undertaking. However, these internet sources and libraries are just but secondary sources (Morawczynski 2008). The companies themselves which have adopted this service can act as the primary sources. I shall observe the activities related to this service in the relevant countries. This shall require the use of more than ten people. Therefore, I shall send scouts in the area to assist in the research. Then, the scouts can come back with written reports of their findings.

There are various methods that I shall use to gather information on the service. To begin with, there can be scouts who are sent to the various places where the service is already being provided. The main method that the scouts shall use is observation of the services that MMI provides to the consumers. I shall also schedule and conduct interviews with various people in the countries which have implemented the service. I shall also schedule interviews with the leaders of the companies that have already implemented the service. I shall place great importance in these interviews than the other random ones. At the end of the research, there shall be a need to evaluate the information collected. I shall do this evaluation by the use of comparison. I shall compare the findings of the different scouts to determine the accurateness of the findings. The other method of evaluation of the information on MMT is to begin with a small pilot project carried out within the Vodafone staff. This shall prove whether the findings are realistic or not.

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