The following inscription is referred to application for a visa to Switzerland. Last year, I graduated from Mongolian university where I was majoring in international economic relations. Now, I hope and intend to join a master’s program in international business. According to my research, preference and consideration of many other factors, Switzerland is my best option. It is the reason behind my quest to apply and be considered for a visa.

Study Plan and Career Expectations

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My passion for business activities and its promising future are the key inspirational factors for the choice of my career. The corporate world is the world of my dreams. However, I intend to join this world at an international level. Therefore, I intend to study to the best of my ability before I can venture into the real corporate world. Thus, I will be in a position to effect substantial changes and improvements in the business world. I hope to own several multinational companies in the near future. I will only achieve this if I get quality education. It will provide a basis for my activities and endeavors in the field of my passion. Switzerland is the ideal nation for the kind of education that I intend to receive as it is a nation in which business activities have continually thrived over the years. Apart from the education, it is a country that has the ability to provide the demonstration of what a business environment should be ( Bernstein 2004).


I sincerely hope that the above factors and reasons are satisfactory in the issuance of a visa. It will aid in the achievement of dreams of a humble youth. I believe that I have what it takes to influence changes in the world. Since Switzerland is the country of my choice, I hope that my visa application will be considered.

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