I am happy to take this opportunity that the company offered to me to inform you about the introduction of social website called LinkedIn to the company and its value to the workers. Through this new system, the workers will have the opportunity to socialize with colleagues in the workplace. Through using LinkedIn, the employees will transform the theoretical knowledge of the workers into a useful form that they can tap in the production system. Furthermore, this will increase the competence among the workers, thus improve the efficiency in production.

In essence, improving efficiency will be important to the company and would distinguish it from other rivals in the market and enhance its gratitude. Moreover, the positive contribution that the company makes in the development of the organization and country, such as reduction of unemployment rate, will improve the lives of the workers and new employees. Apparently, it leaves the workers with no option, but look for internship that is hardly available. The use of social media in communication among employees increases the worker’s ability to acquire new information and experience of doing work.  

As a growing company, the use of social media will enhance interaction among the workers to increase their ability and performance. Alternatively, it would take advantage of the opportunity to offer more students the opportunity, and help the country and Washington D.C to reduce and subsequently eliminate the problem of information limitation. Indeed, before the other small enterprises realize the need to embrace social networking among their employees, the company should take the lead to gain a competitive edge. Finally, the management will formulate communication policies, which will facilitate the interaction of the employees. Since the workers are innovative, sharing information will give them the right skills at an early stage of employment, thus improve their creativity and enhance service delivery in the organization. 

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